The Ultimatum on Netflix: All the Tea on Cast, Episodes, Filming Locations, and More

The Ultimatum on Netflix: All the Tea on Cast, Episodes, Filming Locations, and More

After the remarkable success of Love is Blind, the creators have decided to bring another dating series into the picture. This one is a new release on Netflix and goes by the name of The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On. Find here all you need to know about this series, from cast and crew to filming locations.

What are the 8 episodes of The Ultimatum on Netflix about?

We often come across couples in a juxtaposition. While one of them is headstrong and ready for everything that comes their way, the other is not quite so sure of themselves. Yes, there exist partners that somehow always manage to end up on the same page. But, we can all agree when we say that those are a rarity. These differences and being ready for the challenges of a relationship is what The Ultimatum on Netflix is all about.

This Netflix Original features couples who are right on the verge of marriage. Well, at least one of them is. The Ultimatum brings together couples wherein one is completely ready to take on nuptial bliss, while the other wants more time to decide on the same.

As most Netflix shows now are, The Ultimatum will be released in two batches of episodes. The initial appearance of The Ultimatum on Netflix was on April 6, 2022. This includes everything from episodes 1 to 8. As for the season finale, i.e., episodes 9 and 10, they will be out on April 13, 2022, right after a week of the first one’s release.

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The cast and crew of The Ultimatum on Netflix

After the success of Love is Blind, the bar was quite high for The Ultimatum. The show needed a cast with even more of an enduring impact. And here are all the couples they have collected for this task:

  • Alexis and Hunter
  • Lauren and Nathan
  • Jake and April
  • Colby and Madlyn
  • Randall and Shanique
  • Rae and Zay

Hosts (and a couple themselves) Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey from Love is Blind will return as hosts yet again.

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Where is The Ultimatum filmed?

The Ultimatum takes place in Austin, Texas. Austin Marriott Downtown is the lavish place where the hosts and the contestants are gathered. The infamous pool, as well as the place where the hosts were explaining the rules of the show to the contestants, took place at the hotel’s rooftop terrace bar named Zanzibar. If it is the hotel and the opulent-looking interior that attracts you, then you can always fund a booking at the hotel.

But, if you’re drawn to the natural beauty of Austin and wish to visit the nearby hotspots, the names you’ll be typing on the Google maps search bar are The Oasis on Lake Travis and Patrizi’s near the Vortex theater.

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However, if, neither the hotel nor the hotspots keep you hooked to The Ultimatum, but the plot and sudden twists do, then stream (and re-watch) the show on Netflix until we get the finale episodes.

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