The Mysterious Case of Kanye West! Who is The Strange Blonde Woman and What Ye is Up To Right Now?

The Mysterious Case of Kanye West! Who is The Strange Blonde Woman and What Ye is Up To Right Now?

Kanye West has provided the internet with enough drama to sustain a few months. But it is perhaps not enough for him. Ye has apparently made such extensive use of his right to free speech that he makes America’s gorge rise every time he spells words. Yeezus singer’s open confrontation of his love for Hitler and Nazis was so provocative that within the first week of New Year, he had to go MIA.

And it was only two days back that they spotted the Donda Academy owner for the first time. Given his habit of stepping into controversies one after the other, his disappearance and reappearance did not fail to catch the media’s eye. Furthermore, there was something peculiar about it. The media captured Ye with a blonde woman and no; she was not the Brazilian model he had been making rounds with ever since October 2022. However, following the appearance, the rapper again went missing, only to be spotted today, with the same mystery girl. Who is the blonde woman and what are she and Kanye West up to?

Kanye West once again made an appearance with his new blonde companion

According to TMZ’s latest reports, the Devil in a New Dress singer is breaking bread in the lavish hotel of Beverly Hills with the stranger girl by his side. The outlet also obtained a snapshot of the two inside the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, where both were getting rather comfy while exchanging talks and loaf. It is not clear why he is visiting the hotel so often and who exactly is the blonde woman. However, as per the assumptions, the place might be his new home after his controversial comments.

Moreover, since the two stay very much within the hotel’s citadel, it is unclear what is their relation. But if they are a thing, it will be sensational news for the internet. After his scandalous pro-Hitler comments, West is seemingly left with no public relations. Adidas too had cut off the ties with the Yeezy brand owner ever since he hopped into this brimmed with controversy voyage. So with nothing left to lose as such, Kanye West might be making attempts to move forward with his life.

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What, according to you, might be going on in Ye’s mind right now? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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