Jerrod Carmichael takes on Golden Globe, jokes about Steven Spielberg changing Kanye West’s opinions

Jerrod Carmichael takes on Golden Globe,  jokes about Steven Spielberg changing Kanye West’s opinions

Jerrod Carmichael did not miss a chance to mock Kanye West. The Golden Globes is one of the most respectable awards, celebrating the achievements of move making. However, they did suffer last year when the main broadcasters decided not to telecast the award show because of a lack of diversity.

Now, award show hosts have become a major highlight in recent times, carrying the weight of the entire show on their shoulders. With Jerrod Carmichael taking on the stage, he made sure to touch on the current times, even making risque jokes about the award show’s situation and Ye’s anti-semitic stance.

How Jerrod Carmichael mocked Kanye West by crediting Steven Spielberg during the Golden Globes

While everyone has highly criticized Ye’s anti-Semitism, he has also become the bu*t of all jokes. As per the billboard, the host for the 2023 Golden Globe was Jerrod Carmichael. The stand-up comedian directly looked at Steven Spielberg, congratulating him on his new movie The Fablesman.He joked, “It’s an honor, sir. Congrats on The Fabelmans. I actually saw it with Kanye and it changed everything for him.

Also, congratulating the director for changing Ye’s mind through his movie. Meanwhile, the Munich director played along by looking up at the sky and mouthing, “if only.” Everyone in the industry by now is well versed in Ye’s stance on the Jewish community.

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Not only did the artist make the “Deathcon 3 to Jewish people” comment, but he also defended his stance. In recent podcast interviews, he began admiring Hitler for his successful run of the Nazi camp. Many people called him out, even losing his partnership with luxury brands like Balenciaga, Adidas, and GAP.

West has become the poster child for antisemitism. Meanwhile, Speilberg’s movie is supposed to tell the story of himself from his younger days. The director was also born to Jewish parents. Hence the comedian connected the movie to the rapper. The host also joked about how he is the host of the night because he is black.

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