Not Juliana Nalu, Kanye West Re-Emerges With a New Blonde by His Side

Not Juliana Nalu, Kanye West Re-Emerges With a New Blonde by His Side

The past few days have churned out enough drama to last the Internet for a couple of months, but Kanye West cannot help but push the boundaries. After causing an Internet frenzy with his supposed disappearance and rumored ex-flame Jeffree Star chiming in at just the right time to let fans in on his involvement with the Illuminati, the rapper has been spotted for the first time. Given how the rapper, towards the end of the year, was out and about stepping into controversies, taking it up a notch every time he was in front of a camera, his sudden absence did not miss anyone’s eye.

Especially his former business manager, Thomas St. John, who was looking for the rapper to serve him a giant $4.5 million lawsuit. It is to be duly noted that in the wake of his antisemitic tweets, nearly every brand has boycotted Kanye West. And he is no more a growing billionaire. However, before the conspiracy theories about Ye being a pivotal part of the secret society, the rapper was spotted. But fans were quick to notice a difference.

Fans notice something odd about Kanye West in his first public spotting after disappearance

Fans of the Grammy-winning rapper were left understandably concerned after he wasn’t seen anywhere for weeks. However, TMZ reported West was spotted after attending the Sunday Church. He was driving through Beverly Hills in his eye-catching Maybach. And while the rapper hadn’t himself undergone a visible change, fans were quick to notice that the girl on his side was not Juliana Nalu. Ever since Paris Fashion Week in October 2022, The College Dropout rapper had been making the rounds with a Brazilian model.

And although neither of them ever made it official, fans got used to seeing Juliana Nalu’s stunning silhouette beside the rapper. Instead of Nalu, Kanye West was seen hand-in-hand with a blonde girl and a bob haircut. Neither her face nor name has been identified at the time of publishing.

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While fans of Ye may be shocked to not see the model with the rapper, those who followed her on Instagram have not missed the hints she has been dropping about being single for a long time now. Now that West has finally been spotted after weeks of supposed disappearance, we doubt that finding out the blonde girl’s identity is a task of utmost priority, given there is a lawsuit awaiting him.

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    January 12, 2023 at 9:35 am

    I’ve been keeping up with Kim and Ye for years now. I believe he will succeed again in the future. He recently has taken a lot of big blows lately and in the near past also. The meltdown he had when at first he wanted to run for president , the divorce, separation from his kids, the Pete Davidson dating his ex-wife and all of his sponsors dropping him from everything . The ladies he was dating to try to get sime normalcy in his life that did work out is a whole Lot to swallow. I’m sure he doesn’t sleep well at night if he sleeps at all and probably doesn’t eat right that is a disaster in itself. Lack of sleep and nourishment plays tricks on your mind and wellbeing. Lack of sleep can cause paranoia, you feel someone is out to screw up your world and everyone is a suspect. I feel instead of ridiculing him for his way out behavior we need to try to understand why he does what he does and why he does it. Clearly he’s in a bad place and what he needs is support from people he loves and trusts not to be kicked when he’s down. I’m sure all of us has been in some type of despair in their life’s and the ones you thought were your friends that you could count on them has tuŕned you away and. Ow you feel all alone and you now trust no one. You tell me how you could deal with that. It’s a lot for anyone person to have to go through but it’s worse when you have to go it alone. Being a good friend means through the good and the bad. Show him some love people.

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