‘The Boys’ Twitter Account Joins ‘The Sea Beast’ Fan-Wave, Hysterically Comparing the Movie to Karl Urban’s Amazon Show

‘The Boys’ Twitter Account Joins ‘The Sea Beast’ Fan-Wave, Hysterically Comparing the Movie to Karl Urban’s Amazon Show

What do you think would happen when a tough person says that he/she likes soft and light-hearted shows or movies? It would surprise you and make you laugh as well, right? Well, one of the fan-favorite shows on Amazon The Boys joined the fandom of Netflix’s recent anime movie The Sea Beast.

The Boys, Karl Urban, and The Sea Beast!

Didn’t we tell you that to keep the child in you alive, and watch the anime movies? Well, the movie is already getting so much love from the viewers. Now, The Boys also jumped on the wagon. The team appreciated the movie and Karl Urban, who portrays Billy Butcher (one of the bada*s characters on the show) in The Boys. And he is a fan favorite from the show. But wait, what does Urban have to do with an energetic and bright movie like The Sea Beast?

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The common element in both these is this one actor, Karl Urban. In The Sea Beast, Karl portrayed Jacob Holland, who is raised by the legendary hunter Captain Crow. Therefore, The Boys’ Twitter account joined the Sea Beast fan wave with an ironic sense of humor. Look at the tweet first:

The tweet is certainly hilarious as the show, and the movie is totally opposite to each other. The Boys is a show that has violence and foul language, which is not to be seen with children. Whereas, The Sea Beast is a family movie, as it has fun, adventure, and bonding relations. But Karl Urban is a favorite in both the movie and the show.

How do the fans react?

Karl, as Billy and Jacob, has performed fabulously. He is certainly a versatile actor. Fans of the actor praised him and showered love for him on Twitter in response to the above-mentioned tweet.

This fan girl shows her love and says that she had met him. She couldn’t speak to him, but she adores the actor.

While watching The Sea Beast, this viewer recognized the voice of the actor and was happy about the confirmation from the post.

Oi. Indeed, Karl is a marvel.

What do you think of the dichotomy Urban’s roles in both works present? Have you watched The Sea Beast on Netflix, yet? If not, we would recommend you to watch it right away. And let us know what you think about the movie.

Watch Here: The Sea Beast

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