‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Boys’ Share THIS Unique Connection, and It Is Truly Makes a Magnificent Difference

‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Boys’ Share THIS Unique Connection, and It Is Truly Makes a Magnificent Difference

What is the first thing that you notice when you browse through the movies or shows? There might be several answers to the question, but most of us look at the poster first, right? If it is intriguing enough or not. Do you know that Stranger Things and The Boys have this unique connection other than their supernatural elements? Let us find out.

The thread that binds the Stranger Things and The Boys!

We all are aware of the Netflix original Stranger Things. The Boys is also a show which has supernatural elements. Superheros are considered as the God when they use their power for the betterment of humanity. But what happens if they abuse their power? Both the shows have dark secrets to explore and the dominance of the supernatural evils.

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But these are not the only things that create the connection between the shows. As mentioned above, the first thing you notice about a show or a movie is the poster, the display picture. If the poster of the movie or the show is engaging enough, it can attract more audience to them. Therefore, the first looks are so exciting and we decide to watch the show.

The same artist created the posters for both shows, Kyle Lambert. He is a British artist and illustrator. He has created the posters for the Stranger Things and The Boys and has recently posted about them on his Twitter handle.

Posters should represent the essence of the show yet not reveal the crucial detail as well. Looking at these posters, we can see the adequate representation of the shows along with the mood as well. However, both the shows are available on different platforms to watch. This artist has connected the show with his appealing art. Both the posters represent the dark tone of the show through the combination of colors. The sharp and vivid expressions on the faces of the characters in the posters have won the hearts of the fans.

People showered praises on the poster

When an artist provides such work to the viewers, they touch the emotions. Therefore, genuinely talented artists like Kyle deserve appreciation and praise. The fans commented and showed their love for the art and artist.

A fan admitted these shows are her favorite, and she appreciated the posters and Kyle.

A graphic designer appreciated Kyle’s choice of colors.

An African American artist also showered love at the post.

Lots of people have appreciated this work by Kyle. The work inspired some people to open up and show their art to the world. How did you like this work of art which uniquely connects the two shows? Let us know in the comment box.

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