Check These ‘The Sea Beast’ Reviews to Help You Select Your Weekend Family Watch on Netflix

Check These ‘The Sea Beast’ Reviews to Help You Select Your Weekend Family Watch on Netflix

How do we keep the kid in us alive? Well, Netflix has a perfect section to reconnect with your inner child. Animated movies and shows are the perfect way to amuse ourselves and have a chill weekend. One such movie streaming on Netflix is The Sea Beast. Let us find out what the viewers have to say about it.

Is The Sea Beast on Netflix worth watching?

Recently streaming on Netflix, Chris Williams, an Oscar-winner director, has created The Sea Beast. The movie is about the life of a sea monster hunter. His life turns upside down when a young girl stows away on his ship. The movie has got 7.8/10 IMDb ratings. From Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has received 92% rating.

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It is understandable that only these ratings will not do. So, let us look at some reviews from the viewers.

The director named Jorge R. Gutierrez highly praised the movie.

Another viewer who is a managing editor at Streamer News has tweeted with a lot of praises. He said that the movie is absolutely stunning from start to end.

A director, writer, and filmmaker Dean DeBlois praised the director and appealed to the audience to watch the movie and not to miss it.

The adventurous spirit of the movie is also one of the main reasons to watch the movie according to this fan.

A fan woke up early with his kids to watch the movie and they all loved it so much. Here’s how he expressed his joy and love for the movie.

However, people are praising the director and the animations. This fan talks about some funny Alien references that made him realize something.

This viewer could connect to the movie on a personal level. He appreciated Hollywood for creating such movies.

And this viewer praised the movie. He even said that this was the best movie he’s seen in a while.

The music of the film is also getting love from the viewers.

Watching these reviews from these viewers makes us want to leave everything and watch the movie ASAP. So, to keep the inner child alive, watch the adventurous, animated movie here now only on Netflix. And don’t forget to share your views with us.

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