“That guy is funny as heck”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Yuji Okumoto Reveals Who He Wants to Share the Screen With in New Season

“That guy is funny as heck”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Yuji Okumoto Reveals Who He Wants to Share the Screen With in New Season

What started as an homage to the classic The Karate Kid movies of the 80s, Netflix’s Cobra Kai is now a beast of its own. Granted, nostalgia is still a big part of its appeal, yet the tight storytelling, hilarious dialogues, and impeccable performances make Cobra Kai an absolute crowd pleaser. With the looming excitement for the release of season 5, September 9 cannot get here fast enough. Given the state of affairs at the end of season 4, fans are waiting with bated breath for their favorite characters to return to the screen; old and new.

Speaking of new recruits, one of them, obviously, is the character of Chozen Toguchi played by Yuji Okumoto. Though new to the Netflix show, the Japanese-American actor was the antagonist in The Karate Kid 2 and hence unforgettable for old fans of the franchise. His return to the familiar world is definitely a treat for fans but Okumoto is looking forward to it because he wants to share the screen with two Cobra Kai characters.

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Chozen wants more screen time with two Karate Kid baddies in Cobra Kai

In a recent interview with CBR, Yuji Okumoto delved into his experience working on Cobra Kai season 5. Since Okumoto only joined the Netflix show last season, most of the character equations and dynamics were already rooted. When asked about his co-stars and with whom he’d “love to have more screen time,” Okumoto had an extremely honest and well-thought-out response.

He spoke about working with Thomas Ian Griffith and how the actor “brings so much to this wonderful experience.” Okumoto illustrated that working opposite the villainous Terry Silver had a “wonderful give and take.” Their “chemistry” and given that he’d never worked with Griffith before, Okumoto “was looking forward” to sharing the screen with him.

Apart from that, he also wanted more screen time with “Billy” AKA William Zabka.…that guy is funny as heck. He drops these one-liners, and he’s just trying to keep a straight face…” said Okumoto about the hilarious William Zabka. Looks like he isn’t all that different from Johnny Lawrence, his on-screen persona.

If you were a part of Cobra Kai, with which character would you crave a longer screen time? Let us know in the comments. With a few days left for season 5, we highly recommend re-watching the previous seasons of Cobra Kai to refresh your memory.

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