“That Georgia Viaduct saved our lives”- Ryan Reynolds Shared How a Vancouver Overpass Eased the Making of ‘Deadpool’

“That Georgia Viaduct saved our lives”- Ryan Reynolds Shared How a Vancouver Overpass Eased the Making of ‘Deadpool’

Life is an endless series of train wrecks with only brief commercial-like breaks of happiness.” Who knew the fast-talking, fourth-wall-breaking mercenary, Deadpool, could enlighten us with such a profound quote? But, that was, indeed, the uniqueness of the film and the Ryan Reynolds character. Today, with the announcement of Deadpool 3, it is hard to believe that the studios barely had any faith in the first film.

A few months ago, Reynolds took a walk down memory lane to talk about the making of the first Deadpool. Among other things that aided the completion of the well-loved film, Ryan Reynolds name-checked the Georgia Viaduct in Vancouver, Canada. How did the overpass become such an integral part of the antihero movie?

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The Georgia Viaduct: Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool’s lifesaver

Back in 2015, as a first mover in the genre, 20th Century Fox was understandably unsure about an R-rated superhero flick, Deadpool. Nevertheless, Ryan Reynolds took matters into his own hands by making the film his “first foray into producing.” A few months ago, the Red Notice actor had a candid conversation with CBS’s Ian Hanomansing and delved into the challenges of making the film. The film had a shoe-string budget and, as admitted by the actor previously, this challenge only served to the adoption of a different approach to filmmaking.


The limited budget had Georgia Viaduct come to the rescue. For those who don’t know, the Georgia Viaduct is a major overpass in Vancouver situated between B.C. Place Stadium and the home rink for the ice hockey team, Vancouver Canucks. You might also remember it as a major location for most of the action sequences in Deadpool. With budgets so low, unlike the rest of the MCU films, they had to minimize the use of expensive VFX and grand sequences.

That Georgia Viaduct saved our lives. It really did. Because we needed to cut all these huge action sequences and replace spectacle with character,” shared The Adam Project star.

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That is why they used the overpass for almost every major fight scene. Reynolds illustrated how the movie “became an enormous lesson in marketing.” He further explained how “necessity being the mother of invention” could be a noteworthy “creative tool” in one’s arsenal. No wonder Deadpool and its sequel ultimately became one of the highest-grossing R-rated films ever.

Are you excited about Deadpool 3? Do you think the Vancouver overpass will make an appearance in this one as well? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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