Ryan Reynolds Who Once Called Deadpool’s budget “cocaine budget on Thor” Reveals The Financial Plans for Part 3

Ryan Reynolds Who Once Called Deadpool’s budget “cocaine budget on Thor” Reveals The Financial Plans for Part 3

Recently, we got some huge announcements from the Deadpool leading actor, Ryan Reynolds. According to recent updates, Deadpool 3 is officially underway and will release on September 6th, 2024. Apart from the storyline and background which he explained in a video with Hugh Jackman, the star also gave us some insights into the budget of the movie. 

According to reports, in an interview with Forbes Entertainment, Ryan answered some budget questions posed by the host, Scott King. The star made some revelations and stated the reason behind the same.

Ryan Reynolds hints at the budget constraints in the production of Deadpool 3

Answering the very first question about the exact package, Reynolds preferred that we take that up with Kevin Feige. He recalled his first Deadpool movie and affirmed that “a certain Deadpool budget was just split and about 58 cents.” This might have been a slight indication of the not-so-sky-soaring budget of the movie at $58 million. 

Substantiating his above statement, the Wrexham owner further elaborated that “great things happen when there are constraints.” According to him, too much money and time murder the creativity of the movie. Lastly, he said they tried to turn all the obstructions they faced in the way due to their “constraints” into a “lemonade” to keep up with the project. 

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According to his answers, there is a straight question that rings up in everyone’s mind. Is Deadpool 3 the most expensive yet? The answer, according to Reynolds, might not be on a positive note. Nevertheless, this is the first time Marvel Studios are producing the movie, unlike the first two which were made by 20th Century Fox. 

Given the cheapest price tag of Marvel movies to be $130 million, Ryan’s Deadpool ought to have something higher to keep up with the audience’s expectations. 

What do you think about the movie’s budget? Do you believe it is going to be more expensive than the first two yet? What are your expectations from the movie given such budget constraints? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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