“Superman or Batman” – When Henry Cavill Desperately Tried Convincing 5 Year Olds to Choose Superman Over Batman

“Superman or Batman” – When Henry Cavill Desperately Tried Convincing 5 Year Olds to Choose Superman Over Batman

Over the years, Hollywood has witnessed a handful of characters go down as one of the most memorable and iconic roles to be played on-screen. Among the handful of such roles, one is Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, AKA. Superman. The British actor has starred in a huge number of films over the years, playing several characters on-screen. However, his part as Superman still tops the list. While the role was a huge commercial success, it seems like there are a few who are not in awe of the Man of Steel.

Despite portraying such a powerful character on-screen, Cavill’s superpowers are still not enough to convince 5-year-olds. Strange as it sounds, the Enola Holmes star spoke to a few kids in an attempt to prove himself as a better superhero than his DC counterpart. Sadly, the result was not what Cavill was expecting as his plan backfired. While adults are careful about what they speak, kids on the other hand do not shy away from saying what they like and Cavill learned it the hard way.

Batman or Superman? 5-year-old fans reject Henry Cavill

Superman is amongst the most powerful superheroes in the history of comics. In an attempt to end the age old debate between Batman and Superman, Cavill asked a bunch of kids about their opinions and the answers are hilarious to say the least. During his visit to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, initially, Cavill talked about the superpowers and qualities a superhero has with a bunch of kids. Following the discussion, the British actor asked the kids, “Who do you think is better Superman or Batman?The majority of kids had the same answer: ” Batman.”

Elsewhere in the interview, The Witcher star asked the kids on why they like Batman more. On hearing them say, because Batman can fly, Cavill tried to persuade them, saying, “Batman can only go up, Superman can do both. Sadly, none of his tricks worked, as kids did not change their answers. One moment that caught everyone’s attention was when Cavill asked a kid who would win if Batman and Superman fight. In response to Cavill’s question, the kid replied, Superman has to get more upgrades. The kid continued and taught Cavill how to win a combat, saying, “go for the face and do that right in the peanuts.”

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It was surely adorable to watch Cavill interact with young kids. Do you prefer Batman or Superman? Do let us know in the comments below.

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