Henry Cavill Once Met ‘A Man With Bat’ and No It Wasn’t Ben Affleck

Henry Cavill Once Met ‘A Man With Bat’ and No It Wasn’t Ben Affleck

Henry Cavill is one of the few celebrities whose name rings a bell for anyone who hears it. Cavill has always been a hot topic, and fans can’t seem to get enough news that centers around him. Furthermore, the Man of Steel is always in the spotlight whether he has a movie or not. Most of us know him as Superman, the role that helped Cavill carve a niche out for himself in the film industry. Interestingly, Cavill met his counterpart from DC’s extended universe, the man with a bat, in real life, and no, it is not Ben Affleck. What Cavill did after will melt your heart.

Throwback to the time when Henry Cavill met the man with a bat

When Henry Cavill is not saving lives on screen, the Geralt of Rivia is busy exploring the wild. Cavill is an explorer and is very active in the protection of wildlife and nature. Previously, Cavill joined a wildlife trust based in his hometown Jersey. A few years ago, Cavill visited the Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, where he met an adorable baby bat.


Notably, the species are at serious risk of extinction in the wild. Henry, the gentleman he is, decided to adopt the bat to raise awareness. Furthermore, the Enola Holmes actor paid homage to his fellow superhero counterpart by naming the bat, Ben. The Batman vs. Superman actor is also the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust ambassador. Interestingly, Cavill revealed he visited the park as a kid. Elsewhere in the video, the British actor also fed the cute creatures.

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The organization lauded Henry Cavill in a Facebook post and a heartfelt note. “Ben is a Livingstone’s fruit bat–the most endangered mammal here at Durrell Wildlife Park. By adopting Ben, you’re not only helping to take care of him, but you’re also ensuring we can continue our work to protect this critically endangered species in the wild,” wrote the organization.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice raise awareness for bats

However, Henry Cavill is not the only one using his celebrity status to help the winged mammals. In 2014, Warner Bros took a step further in helping raise attention toward protecting the bats. The American film studio released a video on their official Youtube channel.

In the video Batman vs. Superman, director Zack Snyder and the stars Ben Affleck and Amy Adams talked about the increase in the death of bats due to white fungus and encouraged people to come forward and help save the bats.

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