Fan Made Edit of Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck Interviews Calls for a Superman vs Batman Retreat

Fan Made Edit of Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck Interviews Calls for a Superman vs Batman Retreat

2016 was an insane year for DC fans. We got the now much-talked-about and appreciated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that year. Fans were delighted to see Henry Cavill as Superman again after his successful debut in Man of Steel. However, as history turned out, Henry and Ben Affleck haven’t put on the cape since a year after the film.

And ever since, fans have been trying to bring Henry and Ben to play their characters again. But now that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman once again, fans want another round of Superman vs. Batman with Cavill as Kal-El.

Fans want Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck back

Henry Cavill was born to play superheros, whether it be a DC’s Superman or Netflix’s Witcher. Fans just love Henry saving people. However, before we saw Cavill as the monster hunting, Witcher, he was wearing a cape on his back and an S on his chest, fighting Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman.

Recently it was announced that Affleck would be playing the Caped Crusader in Aquaman 2. And fans couldn’t be any happier. However, it also made them wish to see Ben with Henry again. A fan even made a compilation of interviews that Ben and Henry did for their 2016 comic book movie, captioning it “Petition to bring back Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck together again.”

While Batman v Superman received mixed reviews from critics, fans loved the casting of both Henry and Ben in their respective. In the past, both Cavill and Affleck had announced that they had no plans to reprise their roles in the DCEU.

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However, now that Affleck will be taking up the mantle of Batman once again, fans want the same fate for henry. Meanwhile, there have been some rumors of Henry Cavill joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There has been no official announcement for both. But audiences are certainly eager to see what the future holds for Henry as Superman.

Do you guys want Henry Cavill to return to the DCEU or join the MCU? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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