“Super sweet and very lovely” – When Henry Cavill Made the Day of a Fan at Work

“Super sweet and very lovely” – When Henry Cavill Made the Day of a Fan at Work

Henry Cavill is a man of many credits. From playing one of the most iconic superheroes on screen to starring in completely different roles right after, there are only a few who can match Cavill’s versatility. Apart from his acting, the British actor attends several charities and appears in various interviews. However, all the films and public appearances are a part of Cavill’s work and they do not make a person who he truly is. Unlike other actors who are mostly known for their work, Cavill is among the few who have an impact on people even beyond the screens.

Fan-Celebrity meetups have always been an exciting affair. For many, meeting their favorite celebrites is a dream come true. Over the years, we have witnessed a bunch of actors meeting and posing with their fans and it is truly wholesome to watch. Similarly, Henry Cavill’s interaction with one of his fans is adorable to say the least.

Henry Cavill meets a fan at work

Leave a smile wherever you go, Henry Cavill is a person who lives by it. The Witcher actor is a gem of person despite being such a popular celebrity. Previously, an employee working for Games Workshop took to Twitter to express his gratitude and pleasure of meeting the Man of Steel. When another user asked if the employee got a chance to talk to Cavill, he revealed, “Not really actually, he was too busy with getting a bunch of pictures with others, but he was super sweet and very lovely.”

The worker truly seemed happy as he posed for a picture with the Geralt of Rivia. However, what Cavill was shopping for was not visible. But, looking at the photo it seemed like the British actor was looking for his favorite War Hammer characters. Cavill’s love for the popular tabletop franchise know no bounds. Moreover, the Enola Holmes star even posts picture of his War hammer collection on Instagram.

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How did the fans react to the tweet?

The tweet by the employee quickly blew up and became a hot topic soon after. Henry Cavill fans from all over the world took to Twitter reacting to the kind gesture by the British actor. While some congratulated the worker for the moment, others wanted to know what Cavill was buying. Here are a few tweets:

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