YouTuber Emil Nyström Turns 10 Cents Into a Whooping War Hammer Army of Henry Cavill’s Dream

YouTuber Emil Nyström Turns 10 Cents Into a Whooping War Hammer Army of Henry Cavill’s Dream

Henry Cavill is a man of many credits. Cavill is one of the most influential actors in the world. With a career spanning over three decades, we have witnessed Cavill shape into a great actor who portrays all his roles perfectly. While Cavill is a very successful actor and has a great career, he also has a life beyond the cameras.

Apart from his incredible acting skills, we all know that the Enola Holmes actor is also an avid reader and a big-time gamer. Although we are aware of the British actors’ love for gaming,  Henry Cavill is also a huge fan of the Warhammer army. Recently, a youtube star turned a $0.10 worth figure into a whooping Warhammer army of Cavill’s dream.

Youtuber trades $0.10 goblin for The Man of Steel’s dream Warhammer army

As we all know, Henry Cavill has a deep passion for books, video games, and comics, suffice to say, the nerd culture in general. However, one thing the Geralt of Rivia is in awe of is the classic franchise Warhammer, one of the most popular tabletop wargames. Emil Nyström well-groomed artist from Sweden, is a viral YouTuber who paints and sculpts miniature Warhammer characters.

Six months ago, Emil traded a little goblin character worth $0.10 for Skitarii Ranger. That was the start of the Warhammer trading wheel. Recently, Emir got a deal on Warbringer Titan. Once he gets his hands on the Warbringer Titan, it will complete his $4000 worth of Adeptus Custodes’ army. Interestingly, even The Witcher star is painting his own Custodes army himself. And a complete collection of Adeptus Custodes would be a dream come true for Cavill.

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Previously, The British actor even posted a video of him painting a Warhammer character in process on his Instagram. Elsewhere in the video, Emil talked about the various Warhammer character trades he had done over the past few months. The graphic artist even joked about how he plans to paint the entire Custodes collection with his partner Lucas for Cavill to play with.

Henry Cavill and his love for Warhammer

Henry Cavill might be the biggest Warhammer fan on the planet. Time and again, the British actor revealed his love for the classic tabletop franchise. In the past, too, Cavill visited the Warhammer world in Nottingham, England.

Furthermore, the Man of Steel even corrected a tv show host when he mispronounced Warhammer as Warcraft. All in all, Cavill will surely make a great brand ambassador for Warhammer.

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