Was Keanu Reeves given the Iconic Role of Geralt of Rivia Before Henry Cavill Claimed ‘The Witcher’?

Was Keanu Reeves given the Iconic Role of Geralt of Rivia Before Henry Cavill Claimed ‘The Witcher’?

The monster-slaying witcher, Geralt of Rivia, will be allowed to live in heads rent-free thanks to the perfection that Henry Cavill brings to it. With two successful seasons and one on the calendars, it is impossible to think of any other actor that would have played the character better than Henry. Furthermore, the masterpiece of Andrzej Sapkowski and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is inspired by the action-packed video game The Witcher.

The 39-year-old actor has been a massive fan of video games since childhood. And his performance as the DC hero Superman and his perfectly sculpted body made him the perfect choice for Geralt of Rivia. But what if we told you that Henry Cavill was not the first choice for now iconic role?

Henry Cavill was not first in line for Geralt of Rivia

Cavill has cemented his role in action movies in the past two decades. With good looks, physique, and fighting skills, the British actor is the perfect ingredient for a blockbuster action movie. To play the Geralt of Rivia down to the last cell, Cavill played the videogame to understand his character.

Furthermore, he practiced intense workouts and a strict diet to bring the monster-slaying witcher to life. The Man Of Steel actor learned how to sword fight for real. He did this to make the fight sequences in the series look more intriguing and exciting. Given the evidence in Henry Cavill’s favor, it seems like a crime to even think of someone else’s hands around the Geralt of Rivia’s sword. However, the script of The Witcher was first sent to Keanu Reeves doors.

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The actor has a knack for playing amazing characters in action movies. His role in John Wick and The Matrix are testaments to the fact. Keanu Reeves was already committed to other projects when the role was offered to him. Although not to Geralt of Rivia, Reeves has lent his voice to the main character of the Cyberpunk video game.

It was made by the same team that worked on The Witcher. While Keanu Reeves playing Geralt of Rivia will remain a dream, enjoy Henry Cavill looking like a dream in The Witcher on Netflix.

Do you think Keanu Reeves would have played the role better? Let us know in the comments below.

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