Matthew Modine Uses Harry Styles’ Album Cover to Present His 2 Cents on the “You are like Papa” Meme

Matthew Modine Uses Harry Styles’ Album Cover to Present His 2 Cents on the “You are like Papa” Meme

Stranger Things cast and crew has always been a storehouse of amusement and glee. Among them all, Dr Brenner, aka ‘Papa,’ is going all cracked up over the recent memes and tweets over a monologue in the show. In a tweet that has stirred the fans with hysteria, our beloved Matthew Modine seems perplexed over a photoshopped image with Harry styles. Let us show you what it was!

Matthew Modine took to Twitter, showing he’s going as crazy as the fans

Fans took it to a whole different level by putting Matthew and Harry Styles in the same picture. They photoshopped Matthew in his standard gesture in the memes you would find shared on the actor’s Instagram account along with Harry Styles, who looks as confused as the Stranger Things actor feels, as expressed in the tweet.

This crossover edit looks just as priceless as Harry’s album covers. Hopefully, the singer casts an eye over and shares his view on the same. Not only this, fans had previously photoshopped Matthew as The Beatles, as Deadpool, The Smurfs and even as Jack Dawson holding Kate Winslet in the epic Titanic scene.

The meme comes from the 4th episode of season 2 of Stranger Things. These were Eleven’s words when she confronted Hopper and almost destroyed the lodge. The squabble resulted in a heated situation between the two. In a fit of rage, frustrated Eleven yelled at Hopper saying he was exactly like Papa, who used to keep her grounded 24×7 and wouldn’t let her cross the threshold of the house (lab).

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With fan edits going out of hand, Papa seems confused about keeping up with the trend

Eleven’s dialogue has now become meme material despite the gravity of the matter. Memers across social media have flooded the platforms with the same meme, and it reached Matthew a while ago. But the star doesn’t get the humor given the internet lingo of the Gen Z era who have attached the word Papa with anything provoking.

His Instagram feed is full of such hilarious meme contents. Fans went rolling on the floor laughing at a photoshopped picture of him with the British Royal family on his Instagram wall. Let us hope Modine continues to keep us all entertained by sharing more hilarious fanart on his social media. Meanwhile, catch all scenes of this actor in Stranger Things, streaming on Netflix.

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