“Stranger Things is more…”, ‘Fear Street’ Trilogy or ‘Stranger Things’, Sadie Sink Once Revealed Which of the Two She Finds to Be Scarier

“Stranger Things is more…”, ‘Fear Street’ Trilogy or ‘Stranger Things’, Sadie Sink Once Revealed Which of the Two She Finds to Be Scarier

Sadie Sink gives her verdict between her two projects. The Stranger Things actress basically grew up in limelight from a very young age, even getting cast in the sci-fi series at the age of fourteen. Thought the role paved way for starring in big projects for the now 20-year-old.

She entered the sci-fi show in the second season as Max Mayfield, a confident, rebellious teen. She then bagged the role of Ziggy Berman in the second part of Leigh Janiak’s 2021 Trilogy of Fear Street. Both of her projects are known for their fear factor, but in their own styles. So when the actress was asked about her opinion on which scared her more, her answer came with an explanation.

Sadie Sink on Stranger Things vs Fear Street

Sadie Sink played major roles in both Fear Street and Stranger Things, both of which can be classified as classic horror shows. With one being a straight-up cult-style filming, and the other in a sci-fi slow-creeping way. So when Sadie was asked about which series scares her more, she said, “Fear Street is a lot more of that classic slasher movie and in your face. Stranger Things is more kind of eery and scares you more out of the blue. Personally, I feel more scared watching Stranger Things I think.”

Stranger Things is based in the 80s, following the story of a group of kids who embark on a dangerous journey of finding their friend, only to end up in a world of science, labs and subjects of experiments. Meanwhile, Fear Street revolves around the cursed town of Shadyside, Ohio, whose history dates back to thousands of years ago, up to the Witch trials, with Sadie playing a part in one of its era.

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The actress’s streak of thriller movies is not done yet. She will next seen be seen working alongside Branden Frazer for the 2022 psychological thriller Whale. Also mystery around the status of her character Max will be revealed in the final season of Stranger Things, as she reprises her role.

Do you agree with her opinion on the Netflix series being scarier than Fear Street? Let us know in the comments.

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