Throwback to Sadie Sink Revealing One Place Where She Feels Empowered

Throwback to Sadie Sink Revealing One Place Where She Feels Empowered

Sadie Sink has been ruling 2022 so far. Starting from her masterclass skill portrayal in the fourth season of Stranger Things to filming in Taylor Swift’s film, she has done it all. However, spending a vast majority of a day on sets becomes a bit too exhausting for almost everyone in the industry. Surprisingly it works the other way for the 20-year-old. 

In an interview with Glamour, Sadie Sink A.K.A our very own MadMax opened up about a slew of intimidating questions. She also answered how being on the sets before cameras has rather boosted her personality instead of exhausting it. Here is what she said. 

Sadie Sink talks about how sets and shots brought a drastic change to her personality

Creating a picture of her younger version before us, Sadie talked about how she was not as prompt as she was now when it came to her confidence. Before her joining the Hawkins gang, she was vastly devoid of her confidence and wanted to deal with the same somehow. Hence, playing a character as outspoken and straightforward as Max in Stranger Things helped Sink a lot to improve herself. 

Justifying the same, Sink added, “Being on set is when I feel the most empowered.” She further added that it was all the result of pursuing something that she was passionate about. She further shared how she has always had a knack for playing Broadway. In fact, the star once claimed to play on Broadway was her ultimate dream to come true. 

Her immediate role prior to MadMax was Ziddy in The Fear Street. The actress got her recognition in mystery and thriller series alongside Maya Hawke. The star once again played a co-star as Robin against Sadie in the Netflix hit sci-fi thriller series.

As of now, Sadie Sink is awaiting the release of her upcoming movie, The Whale. Meanwhile, fans are eager for Stranger Things season 5 to see if her character Max survived Vecna’s final onslaught. The release date has been fixed for sometime in the year 2024. 

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