“I think I broke three or four…” – Sadie Sink Describing Her Complicated Relationship With Headphones in ‘Stranger Things’

“I think I broke three or four…” – Sadie Sink Describing Her Complicated Relationship With Headphones in ‘Stranger Things’

Coping with the death of her brother Billy at Starcourt Mall, Max Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink detached herself from everyone in season 4 of Stranger Things. However, even she didn’t know that her fate would bring worse nightmares into her life. It certainly was the darkest moment when Vecna invaded her fragile mind to destroy her. Fans could never forget her sacrifice for Eleven as she threw herself into Vecna’s clutches as bait with just headphones for her rescue.

She briefly died in Lucas’ arms before Eleven brought her best friend back to life. It was a heartbreaking moment for fans when she failed to escape the monster in a final ploy because her headphones were broken. Max’s headphones played an important role in the penultimate season since it was her only escape from her trauma. But did you know that Sink had a complicated relationship with her headphones in the show?

Sadie Sink had a love-hate relationship with Walkman in Stranger Things

In a cover story with W Magazine, Sadie Sink sat down to talk about her critically acclaimed role in Stranger Things. During the round of questions and answers, she was asked: “Max almost always has big headphones on. How much did you feel like you were in your own world on set?”

In her response, the All Too Well star stated that about a dozen Walkman were kept on set because they didn’t work properly. Walkman is a 90s device so sometimes the music didn’t play said the actress. She further remarked that the Walkman wasn’t in a good condition and voice was faint and muddled.

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“I think I broke three or four Walkmans throughout the filming process. I started breaking them so much that they made me a Styrofoam one,” revealed Sadie.

Moreover, after seeing that Walkman was breaking, Duffer Brothers made fake headphones for Sadie. Therefore, it is a big surprise for fans who thought their Mad Max is always listening to Running Up the Hill but she wasn’t. Meanwhile, Max is currently hanging between the line of death and life and nobody knows if she will come back or not.

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Will Max make it to movie date with Lucas after she is left brain dead in season 4? Do you think Sadie Sink and Walkman will share a life saving connection in Stranger Things? Tell us your views in the comments!

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