A Parent’s Nightmare as Steve Harrington Freaks Out When His Kids Try to Take Charge of Things

A Parent’s Nightmare as Steve Harrington Freaks Out When His Kids Try to Take Charge of Things

Consider a single mother with six children, each of whom is insane in their own   you imagine the hustle in the house and the effort to manage them? Well, we know a mother who does that flawlessly: Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. This man is legit the King of Baby Sitters. He loves and protects them like a parent. The character transition of Steve has been one of the most prominent ones and is liked equally.

But can this mother hen make mistakes too? Let’s find out!

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Steve as a babysitter in Stranger Things

Steve Harrington, an arrogant and superficial bully, was first introduced to fans in the show’s opening episode. He was a guy who no one expected to care about. However, his relationship with Dustin helped him grow tremendously as a character in Season 2. Many fans see Steve as the group’s nanny. He is also one of the most liked characters in the show.

Steve continues to be everyone’s babysitter in Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, with a focus on Dustin, Lucas, and Max. He often nags about being the babysitter and being tasked with watching over the younger members of the group. But, it is evident that he has a genuine affection for them. In Steve’s new role, he’s quickly become an integral part of the show’s fan base. It’s only in the final two episodes of Volume 1 that Steve truly emerges as the genuine hero of the series. This might jeopardize his character in volume 2, which would be a shame.

Steve Harrington needs to learn

However, Steve barely fails to disappoint; he is still new at this whole parenting thing. Having a natural instinct is different, but he needs to practice more. After all, he is still new at this. But the question stays the same. What does he need to learn? First, watch this video.

This is a clip from the second season of the show, where Max drives a car. She is too young to drive it, and the kids are taking Steve to the hospital. Well, to be fair, Steve was still in the developmental process of being a babysitter back then. But, to be fair, he needs to learn that underage drivers should never be allowed to drive, even if it’s an emergency. As Max blows up a road sign and starts driving like a drunk person, this could’ve gotten everybody killed before the Demogorgons attacked them. So, Steve shouldn’t be condoning this and he doesn’t, as he stops Max from driving his car in season 4 volume 1. Guess our mother hen learned from past mistakes.

However, he still is one of the best and sweetest characters in the show. Watch him exclusively if you haven’t in Stranger Things.

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