What Do Papa Brenner and Steve Harrington Have in Common? The Answer Might Surprise You

What Do Papa Brenner and Steve Harrington Have in Common? The Answer Might Surprise You

The cast of Stranger Things is not only full of amazing actors that have proved their excellence and talent to the world time and again. But each and every actor that stars in the series is an incredible human being that is truly kind and humble in every way. Recently in an interview with Hendrix Yancey, we got to know how the actors who play Steve Harrington and Dr. Brenner, aka Papa, are similar to each other with their compassion on the sets of the show.

Let us see how Joe Kerry and Matthew Modine are similar in the most beautiful way ever.

Compassion links Steve Harrington to Papa Brenner

This record-breaking season of Stranger Things introduced many characters to the audience. But the major revelation that was made was about Eleven’s past in the laboratory of Dr. Brenner. In the origin of Vecna, we meet the big baddie 001 or Henry Creel and many test subjects in the lab.

One of those test subjects, 013 was played by the young but brilliant Hendrix Yancey. In a recent interview of Hendrix with Tyler Boronski, we got to know what charming human beings Matthew Modine and Joe Keery are.

While talking about how Matthew (whom Hendrix had the most scenes with) helped Hendrix on the sets of the show, the 11-year-old actress said that the actor taught her the importance of manifestation and what it was. But the actress especially mentioned the love of Matthew for photography and how he used to take pictures with the whole cast and crew in between takes.

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To this, the host Tyler who worked as an extra during season three added the King of babysitters. Joe Keery would do the same! He said, “Joe Keery or Steve in the show was the exact same way. When he wasn’t filming like his scenes, he would stay on the set and take photos.”

The actress, upon hearing this, remarked only one thing, “You got to meet Joe Keery?!” 

As Hendrix’s scenes were in the lab with Matthew and Millie Bobby Brown, she might not have met Joe Keery. However, it is amazing to hear that both the actors are similar in great ways.

What do you think about the similarities that Matthew and Joe share? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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