Where Else Can You See Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington, Joe Keery on Netflix?

Where Else Can You See Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington, Joe Keery on Netflix?

If you start making a list of all the reasons why we love Stranger Things it’ll probably take all day and night. There isn’t even a top ten that we could make when it comes it Stranger Things and its brilliance. However, we can safely say Steve Harrington is easily the most beloved character in the show. His arc alone from a bad boy to the babysitter king is commendable. And much f the credit for the love we have for steve goes to Joe Keery.

It is Joe’s amazing portrayal of Steve that is one of the highlights of the entire series. But now that there is a month-long gap before we see him again with his amazing hairstyle. Here are movies of Joe Keery you can watch on Netflix to pass the time.

Movies of Joe Keery on Netflix

A central reason for our love for Steve in Stranger Things is Joe’s humor that he puts into the role. So it is something fitting that his two movies on Netflix are mockumentaries allowing Steve to display his comedic talent to the fullest.

Steve stars in Death to 2020 and its subsequent sequel, Death to 2021, on Netflix.

What are the films about?

In the film narrator, Laurence Fishburne takes us through all of the events of this year that we’d prefer to forget, from the Australian bushfires to Trump’s impeachment trial, the pandemic, George Floyd, Brexit, the 2020 election, and even the commencement of the COVID vaccination deployment are all mentioned.

The “experts” that are questioned provide a range of ludicrous responses when asked how they responded to the events or what their thoughts were on them. And Keery plays one such expert, Duke Goolies. He is a DJ and mixologist. But what he can really be considering is a wanna-be content creator.

And the sequel Death to 2021 sees all the cast return to explain the events of 2021 rather than 2020. All cast members reprise their roles including Joe.

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Both the films are streaming only on Netflix.

If you guys love Steve for his jokes and wisecracks, we are sure you’ll love Joe Keery as the hilarious Duke Goolies.

Let us know if you’ll watch the film or not in the comments below.

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