“Shove it on…” – Sheffield United’s Captain Billy Sharp Thrashed Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC Following FA Cup Exit

“Shove it on…” – Sheffield United’s Captain Billy Sharp Thrashed Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC Following FA Cup Exit

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney clearly did not have club fights and clashes in their mind when they bought the team in 2020. The duo bought the team with the sole purpose of giving the team a much-needed push in promotions. Their efforts are bearing fruits, and the Welsh team has already attained an underdog status. 

The fifth-tier team made history when they ended the match against Sheffield United in a tie. The duo clashed again for a replay match that took place last night, which the Welsh team couldn’t win. But later Sheffield Captain Billy Sharp addressed the team with a sharp tongue following their victory.

Billy Sharp blasted Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham AFC after Sheffield United secured the win in the replay match 

The replay match took place at Bramall Lane last night. While Wrexham had come close to winning, it was Sheffield United that finally progressed to the next round scoring 3-1. Following the win, Sheffield United’s captain Billy Sharp addressed most members of the Ryan Reynolds-owned team, claiming they were disrespectful and arrogant.

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He claimed that the players thought their opponents were pushovers, and they were sizing up the Spurs even before they tackled them on the field. Furthermore, the referee was apparently also siding with Wrexham. Wrexham’s captain, Ben Tozer, did not take the hit sitting. He retorted that Sharp fabricated the story and instead told them to add the defeat to their Hulu documentary.

“They were telling us to ‘shove it on the documentary’,” he told The Sun

Instead of sulking, the team congratulated the upper-tier team for the win. He added that though Sharp and Oli McBurnie threw shade at Wrexham, and the latter didn’t do the same. Sharp’s unflinching words also did not sit well with Phil Parkinson, Wrexham’s Boss. Despite acknowledging his skills, he criticized him for his attitude and slurs. Regardless of the result, at least his lads are humble. He was convinced that Wrexham did not make it too easy for Sharp’s team to score. 

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Despite the loss, there is cause for the Welsh team to celebrate as Wrexham’s women’s team has secured a win against Llandudno Ladies. Are you a fan? Then you got something to cheer about!

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