After Hugh Jackman, Is Rob McElhenney Now Starting a Feud With His Partner, Ryan Reynolds?

After Hugh Jackman, Is Rob McElhenney Now Starting a Feud With His Partner, Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds is famous for his acting skills, along with his brilliant sense of humor. The actor knows how and when to use his talent. For instance, apart from using his witty talent on Twitter, the actor used it to make commercials for his company, Mint Mobile. His latest commercial offering one month of free service to the customers sees the owner sitting on top of a giant logo of the company. While fans are amused by the hilarious advertisement, his partner, Rob McElhenney, commented in a Hugh Jackman style.

The entire world is aware of the long-running feud between the Deadpool actor and Hugh Jackman. Apparently, Reynolds’ ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, was the reason behind this ongoing feud between the two actors. However, Wolverine and Deadpool are indeed close friends behind the screen. But they keep on teasing each other with their funny posts and comments. Recently, as the Red Notice actor posted the advertisement for Mint Mobile, McElhenney responded just like Hugh Jackman would have.

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Is Rob McElhenney starting the feud with Ryan Reynolds?

Since the Spirited actor was hoping to perform a song from his musical movie at the upcoming Oscars, Jackman urged his fans not to encourage Reynolds. While fans enjoyed this hilarious series of commenting on each other, the co-owner of Wrexham AFC reposted this commercial with a hilarious caption.

Although McElhenney loves his partner, he doesn’t use Mint services. The Mystic Quest star said he was tired of this commercial featuring Einstein. This is where he started the feud with his friend as he wrote, “So if this is a petition for them to stop running it, co-signed.” Although the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star often makes hilarious jokes about the Canadian actor; fans would want to see Reynolds responding to this.

The duo teamed up to buy the world’s third-oldest professional football club, Wrexham AFC. Since 2021, the bromance between these two has been entertaining for their fans. While the wives of the owners of the club have frequently expressed their concerns (jokingly, of course), the duo keeps on thriving together. There was an incident when McElhenney felt jealous when his friend cum brother hugged another person.

What do you think about this possible new rivalry? Share your opinions with us while streaming Welcome to Wrexham on Hulu.

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