“That’s all I’m asking” – Hugh Jackman Continues to Invalidate Ryan Reynolds as a Singer, Is Adamant About ‘Spirited’ Nominations

“That’s all I’m asking” – Hugh Jackman Continues to Invalidate Ryan Reynolds as a Singer, Is Adamant About ‘Spirited’ Nominations

Although both the actors are going to appear together in their upcoming film, Deadpool 3; Hugh Jackman seems to continue the rivalry with Ryan Reynolds. The feud between the actors was solved, and they became buddies again. However, people around Ryan Reynolds surely act like him. With a sense of humor and a lot of fun, Logan once again talked about Reynolds’ Spirited nominations.

Ryan Reynolds’ recent Christmas film, Spirited, has a bunch of Oscar’s winner artists. The Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul wrote the song Good Afternoon for the film. The song was performed by Reynolds and Will Ferrell in the film. While the Deadpool star didn’t recognize the Oscars nomination the song secured, there might be some possibilities about him performing it on the biggest night in Hollywood. And once again, the X-Men actor opened up about the Free Guy actor’s singing skills.

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Hugh Jackman Continues the feud with Ryan Reynolds

In a conversation at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, The Wolverine star continued his ongoing beef with the Red Notice actor. Jackman opened up about it and said that at the beginning of the year, he wanted to post something positive, but he could not. He saw a song from Spirited securing a nomination for Best Song at the forthcoming Academy Awards. It left him concerned about having to spend months with the Canadian actor for Deadpool 3. 

Jackman is worried about what would happen if Ryan Reynolds got validation as a singer. Well, The Greatest Showman actor wouldn’t survive working with him. And thus, he once again appealed to people not to validate the Wrexham AFC owner as a singer. While expressing his love for the songwriters and Will Ferrell, Jackman said, “Please don’t validate Reynolds, that’s all I’m asking.” 

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Whether his appeal would cast an effect on the minds of people or not is another question. The main question is if this feud between the actors would be over or not. Meanwhile, because of their rift, their fans get the utmost source of fun.

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