‘Deadpool’ and Ryan Reynolds Teamed Up to Raise $10,000 to Donate to a Charity in 2016

‘Deadpool’ and Ryan Reynolds Teamed Up to Raise $10,000 to Donate to a Charity in 2016

Kindness and Ryan Reynolds seem to be synonyms for each other. The Canadian actor keeps on giving back to society in one way or the other. Using his skills and profession, Reynolds has been contributing to society’s well-being before we even knew it. Did you know, in 2016, when the first Deadpool movie came, the Red Notice actor teamed up with the character to raise money for donations?

Sometimes with various advertisements, other times it is his weird holiday sweater; the Deadpool actor always finds a way to run a campaign for charity work. Not only Reynolds, but his wife, Blake Lively, also supports him and takes part in events like this. Because of their constant philanthropic work, people love them the most. Meanwhile, Deadpool gave us one more reason to love him.

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Ryan Reynolds teamed up with Deadpool to do some noble work

The film Deadpool has many references to people, places, and even characters. While not everyone gets them, this one reference will certainly surprise you. Do you remember when Reynolds was wearing a t-shirt with Bea Arthur’s face in the front? Yes, when he teaches a lesson to the pizza delivery guy. So, that t-shirt helped the actor to donate money to charity. He privately paid $10,000 to get permission to wear that t-shirt in the scene. However, the money went to charity while the actor got to wear that t-shirt.

If you are aware of the original comics, you would find Deadpool’s affection for Arthur in ‘The Golden Girls.’ However, not only in the first film, Reynolds tried to keep the references to Golden Girls in Deadpool 2 as well, as reported by Comic Book. He wanted fans to be surprised when they saw those references. And now, can you imagine what the actor will bring in Deadpool 3? While keeping entertaining the audience in mind, the Red Notice actor also served the community in Deadpool’s disguise.

This is not the only time when the 46-year-old actor has surprised his followers. Recently, the Wrexham AFC co-owner won the Welsh community’s hearts by personally donating a generous amount of money for children’s football kits. Maybe this is how the actor kept his Canadian side covered by being really kind to people along the way.

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While the actor keeps on winning the fandom’s hearts every time, how do you feel about it? Have you noticed any such references in both Deadpool films? Are you also excited about Deadpool 3? Tell us your thoughts on generous deeds by the actor in the comment box below.

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