“She has a lot on her plate” – Madonna “micromanaging” Her On-screen Alter Ego Julia Garner as Prep For the Biopic Begins

“She has a lot on her plate” – Madonna “micromanaging” Her On-screen Alter Ego Julia Garner as Prep For the Biopic Begins

After a much-awaited prolonged period of re-watching the Ozark episodes on a loop to catch a glimpse of Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore, we finally have a piece of good news for all Garner fans. As announced earlier, Garner will be returning to the industry with a bombshell movie that is said to be a biopic of none other than Madonna. 

However, no recent developments around the upcoming movie had come up until now. Exclusive reports have enriched us with some new updates about the same. The shooting of the piece has just started, and the globally acclaimed singer has already kept everyone up on their toes.

Julia Garner under pressure while shooting of Madonna’s biopic

RadarOnline reports, “it means the world to Madonna.” Hence, full-fledged preparations have already started to commence the cinematography with utmost sincerity. There has been immense pressure on the three-time Emmy Winner, Julia Garner. The star is giving her everything to make her another titular role, a massive success.

Insiders of the publishing house also revealed that the singer is “micromanaging” her on-screen alter ego. Hence, “she has got a lot on her plate”. 

The seven-time Grammy winner singer serves the Universal Pictures project, this time as the official director, producer, and co-screenwriter as well. However, Garner is having a tough time since she is in the middle of shooting another movie, The Royal Hotel. Although she has proved herself worthy of it all while shooting for her signpost series Ozark and Inventing Anna at the same time, this still means the world is on Garner’s shoulders per reports. 

People magazine also reads that Garner edged out a myriad of other top-tier actresses who had auditioned for this unconventional role. It is also to note that one amongst them was the Black Widow star, Florence Pugh, whom Garner outdidWe estimate the movie to come out sometime in late 2023. However, depending on the pace of direction and casting, it might take a few months into early 2024. The authorities, however, have not announced the official release dates as of now. 

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What are your opinions on the same? Are you just as excited about this movie as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

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