Julia Garner Channeled Her Inner Madonna For a Recent Netflix Queue Shoot and We All are in Awe of Her

Julia Garner Channeled Her Inner Madonna For a Recent Netflix Queue Shoot and We All are in Awe of Her

The 26-year-old Julia Garner has evolved into an implausible actress taking dark roles of swaggering women. From her Ozark’s Ruth Langmore to legendary heiress of Inventing Anna she charmed the audience with her acting. However, no one knew that this beautiful face will take a forever place in fans’ hearts. But she instantly emerged as one of the talented actresses of this generation set to become a mega star now.

Because Julia’s rising fame has brought her the offer of iconic role of Madonna in singer’s biopic. In a recent photoshoot for Netflix Queue, the actress looked dazzling in her short blonde hair and pop costumes. And these photos are definitely the proof that why she is perfect candidate for the role.

Julia Garner channels Madonna in the Netflix Queue photoshoot

Julia Garner has received two Emmy award for her astonishing portrayal in Ozark. A fan-favorite, Netflix she is gradually becoming a significant face in Hollywood. And it’s no surprise that she has other talent than acting only. She gave chic poses for Netflix Queue and literally nailed every single look.

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The actress channeled her inner Madonna wearing an oversized blazer and black coreset. She resembled Madonna with her short curly hairs and makeup. In several posts shared by fans on Twitter, she is praised for her looks making her best among high-profile contenders for Madonna.

Moreover, the Queue issue has her statement saying: “I think that’s very dangerous thing when people don’t have ownership of themselves.” 

She added that through her role of Anna Delvy she has come to discover that everyone wants to be seen in some way. Therefore, the actress chooses be a fashion icon and a remarkable artist.

Netflix’s Anna emerged triumphant in her audition process for the role of Madonna 

According to Variety, Julia Garner has made her way into the bio pic of American Pop star Madonna. She seems to have impress the singer who is directing and writing the movie.

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Although things are not confirmed yet but Garner seems to accept the role of this iconic singer. What do think? Will Julia fit perfectly into the boots of this incredible voice?

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