Julia Garner Channeled Her Inner Daisy Buchanan From ‘The Great Gatsby’, for an Appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Julia Garner Channeled Her Inner Daisy Buchanan From ‘The Great Gatsby’, for an Appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Ever since her astonishing role play as Ruth Langmore in Ozark, the Bronx native, Julia Garner has been on the crest of the success waves. She has attended a significant number of interviews and events talking about the insights of her character in depth. Recently, she was invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the American talk show to throw light on her professional life so far as an actress. More than her acting skills, there’s something that stunned the fans all the more. In case you haven’t noticed the crossover, we got you covered!

Julia Garner ’s Gatsby-style fashion game up

In the show, the award-winning actress pulled off a 90s classic outfit that took all literature nerds by surprise. She wore an outfit from Prada with the cream double satin texture carved out into a minidress. She styled her blonde pixie cut in a sophisticated curl with a clip on it just like Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The fictional character heavily inspired her outfit and that is currently the hot topic under her name.

In an adaptation of the same novel, the Hollywood kingpin, Leonardo DiCaprio nailed the role of our male protagonist Jay Gatsby. Carrey Mulligan, who played Daisy Buchanan, served as his all time love interest throughout his entire life. In the movie that came out as a major upgrade in Hollywood in the year 2013, Carrey portrayed her character as a delicate darling who resided in the fashionable town of East Egg in the Jazz era. Hers was a signature style outfit that persisted throughout the movie: The elegant heavenly off-white shades, luxe lace, and nude pump embellishments that kept her polished to the last details. 

Julia’s live performance in the Jimmy Kimmel set was worth the pomp and show

Garner just picked up the pace and took it to a whole different level with her iconic flamboyant approach. However, this doesn’t come as surprise for her fans. She always carries herself with a cultivated poise and good deportment. In addition to her brilliant fashion sense was her dauntless accent modulation tricks. The Inventing Anna actress stunned the fans with an epic crossover performance between both the accent loaded characters from her shows, live in front of the audience.

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With her upcoming Madonna’s biopic around the corner, let’s wait for all Garner’s future bashes to come in. Meanwhile, let us know what you thought of the Ozark actress’s Gatsby-inspired getup.

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