“Like just squeaking”: When Julia Garner Spilled Her Family’s Secrets About This Hilarious Practice and Her Part in It

“Like just squeaking”: When Julia Garner Spilled Her Family’s Secrets About This Hilarious Practice and Her Part in It

Who doesn’t know the wonderful Emmy-winner actress Julia Garner? We know the Ozark star for her versatile acting skills and her changing accents throughout the different characters she plays. Did you know Julia used to get in on her mother’s little prank when she was a child? Well, here’s the secret that Julia reveals in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Julia Garner spills family secrets

Can you imagine your parents making jokes and laughing loudly? Can you remember any moments when your parents would be pranking someone, let alone getting you involved in it? Well, Julia’s parents loved doing that. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Garner reveals her family secrets and shares her involvement in them.

As Jimmy honestly informs Julia that he’s still in the third episode of season 1 of Ozark, she appreciates that and humbly takes the praises that Jimmy showers on her. And as she appreciates honesty, she also honestly reveals the family fun they used to have. When Jimmy asks Julia about her family and what they do as a family together, Julia opens up about their love for prank calling.

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When telemarketing was a thing, her parents would love to pick up the phone and prank them. Her mother has a thick Israeli accent. So, she would pick up the phone and she would play a Russian babysitter in the house. As the telemarketer asks for Mr. Garner, she would speak in an accent pretending to be a foreign babysitter. She would inform the marketer, “No, no, parents all day work, work. They go out dinner with friends. And kids, all they want is McNuggets and pizza,” in an accent.

While everybody would be in the living room and as Julia would enter, her mother would give her the signal to go near. “Hold on, now there’s took birds flying all over the floor, everywhere,” as her mother would say this, it was her clue. And she would make a sound of the bird “just squeaking”.

No wonder Julia Garner can speak in various accents and make it look as if she’s a natural. Well, eventually the telemarketers would have gotten the idea of the prank so, they stopped calling. It made them all very upset, but at least they had fun while it lasted.

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Can you believe seeing this funny side of Julia after watching her playing the serious character Ruth? Share your prank memories with us in the comment box while re-watching the amazingly talented Julia Garner in the Netflix original Ozark here.

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