Julia Garner Unveils a Personal Trait That Helped Her Bring Ruth Langmore to Life in ‘Ozark’

Julia Garner Unveils a Personal Trait That Helped Her Bring Ruth Langmore to Life in ‘Ozark’

Every actor has their own way of embodying the character. They all have their own methods to understand the character to justify the role. Ozark is one of those shows where every character is extremely appealing. Every character on the show has unique traits, which make us adore them more. Julia Garner, who plays Ruth Langmore on the show, shares an astonishing fact about her preparations for the character.

Julia Garner shares this surprising fact during a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel!

Recently, the creative forces behind the Emmi-winning crime drama Ozark had a discussion with Jimmy Kimmel. They all talked about how every person on the team contributed to the making of the show. Chris Mundy talked about the difficulties they faced while writing the scripts. They shared some memories from the set and how much fun they had. While talking about the end of the show, Jimmy asked Chris about Ruth’s death. Ruth’s demise in Ozark season 4 part 2 was a shocker for many because everyone expected her to win her American dream.

Chris justifies the death by saying even though it was a really tough decision but he knew it was the right thing to do. “I still feel like I let the character down a little bit like it’s your job to protect them, but it’s also your job to tell the story the way it would happen. And sad as it is, that was the way that the story would happen,” added Chris.

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And obviously, the mics would turn to Julia as she played the character that just died. Jimmy asked her if she wanted her character to be the one to die. The Inventing Anna actress apparently was preparing for the final season, she had the vision.

Julia revealed that she meditates as the character as she prepares for it. She asks herself the questions as the character and one of them was, “What are you afraid of?” Ruth’s answer was, “I am afraid to die, and I don’t feel like I’m gonna be an old lady.” It felt weird to her, but then immediately she got a call from Chris and Julia directly asked if she was going to die.

As much surprising as it sounds, Garner knew she was doing to die. She still feels so much for her character, Ruth, but Julia says that it is acceptable to her that Ruth dies as she doesn’t see Ruth being an old lady. “There are certain things in the script that’s not gonna be written. So, I just wanted to know…” added Julia.

Do you think Ruth’s death was justified in Ozark? Let us know.

All seasons of Ozark is available to stream on Netflix.

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