“You’re going to die”: ‘Inventing Anna’ Casting Director Reveals How Julia Garner Stunned the Entire Team With Her Hardwork and Accent

“You’re going to die”: ‘Inventing Anna’ Casting Director Reveals How Julia Garner Stunned the Entire Team With Her Hardwork and Accent

No one is unaware of the rising star Julia Garner and her amazing shows where she has kicked up a notch. Along with Ozark being her smash hit, she’s known for several other shows like Inventing Anna, Dirty John, The Americans, and her latest before Ozark, The assistant. These shows mark her remarkable unconventional roles with Ozark at their peak. Many of you might not be aware of this, but Julia was simultaneously shooting as Anna Delvy for Netflix along with reprising her role as Ruth Langmore in the crime thriller. Here’s a sneak peek into the actress’ journey of portraying a real-life character on screen.

Julia Garner: From Ruth Langmore to Anna Delvy

While the auditions for the show were still going on, Linda Lowey already had an eye for Julia. Alison Estrin, the casting director, also knew the young actress for her consecutive Emmy wins and as a native New Yorker as well. Owing to her brilliant acting skills and versatility in accents, the camera has always been obsessed with her. After her audition with the director, Shonda Rhimes, in Los Angeles, the entire crew was ecstatic. She found enough confidence in Julia, and it was all set. “She just called us and said wait until you hear the accent. You’re going to die,said Estrin in a furry of interviews.

According to Estrin, Julia is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful. From such a young age, she always knew exactly the kind of career she wanted. That’s something admirable for someone so young. Julia was always someone Alison remembered and thought of for different things over the years. Though it wasn’t an easy road to shoot two complicated characters at once, Julia nailed it. Her accent modulation and her unique style were enough to trick the top financiers of New York City.

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Julia paved her way out into the big screen

But everything she got out of it took tremendous training and well-organized, disciplined hard work over the years. After a farewell to Ruth Langmore in Ozark, Inventing Anna is currently the queenpin of her shows, playing the Russian-native mastermind, Anna Delvey

While most top-ranked actresses have a moment, Julia is having a wonderful year. Her magic on screen doesn’t stop. The star will soon be seen in a criminal drama series called The Royal Hotel. Following this, she’ll be cast as Madonna for her upcoming biopic. Also, with Emmy Awards 2022 around the corner, fans hope to see their Queen grab a third Emmy for the Ozark.

Till then, stream all the episodes of Ozark on Netflix and let us know what you think of our boss lady!

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