“She doesn’t really know much of anything”: Jason Bateman on Whether He Spoiled ‘Ozark’ Final Episode for His Wife

“She doesn’t really know much of anything”: Jason Bateman on Whether He Spoiled ‘Ozark’ Final Episode for His Wife

The money laundering Byrdes are back for their final chapter. And those who haven’t caught up to the previous seasons of Ozark are anxiously avoiding spoilers just like Jimmy Fallon and Bateman’s own wife. But, unfortunately, Bateman does end up spilling some spoilers here and there. Like he just dropped the bomb that people are going to die. But is he clowning us? It’s hard to tell! 

Bateman’s wife walked in on him reviewing season 4 part 2 scenes 

Jason shared that his wife doesn’t know anything about the final episodes. She’s as much in the dark as the rest of the viewers. But she accidentally spoiled it for herself when she walked in on him while he was working. 

“I was actually watching a cut of one of those scene that we were working with the editor and I was watching on my computer and Amanda, my wife, walked in,” he said. 

And she was very much irritated with that unintentional spoiler. 

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The story behind the symbols in the opening scene of Ozark

I didn’t want to do like a credits sequence. Like, don’t you hate you got to watch a minute and a half of credits for a show you watch all the time. It’s like, let’s get to the story. So I wanted to do something that was just, like 5 minutes – 5 seconds long,” he explained. 

Hence, Jason collaborated with the talented graphic designer, Neil Kellerhouse. 

But Netflix wasn’t happy with the name of the show not showing up. So they decided to do something different.

“We’ll do symbols that are in the shape of Z A R K. The symbols are in the shape.”

He also pointed out that the symbols themselves are “harbingers” of what’s to happen next in Ozark. 

Can Byrdes escape from this hellhole? 

For a while, Marty has been trying to get out of the money laundering business. But he was in too deep. One thing that we have learned from the Chris Mundy show is to expect the unexpected. Bateman shared that Chris wanted a happy ending for the family but one that didn’t feel like a happy ending. That may work because Byrdes did too many nasty things to get their own happy ending. 

Have you streamed Ozark season 4 part 2 yet?

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