Ozark Sensation Julia Garner’s Transformation for Her New Project Apartment 7A Will Leave You in Awe

Ozark Sensation Julia Garner’s Transformation for Her New Project Apartment 7A Will Leave You in Awe

Julia Garner became an instant favorite with her stellar performance on Ozark. People started knowing her by her character name, Ruth. Her career had to take off with that kind of acting, especially because the show’s reach was huge. Garner is now in the big star league after winning two Emmy awards for her role.

After beautifully performing her roles in series like Inventing Anna, Emmy award-winning Modern love, and working alongside Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in the movie Maniac, there’s of course no doubt about her acting skills in the new movie Apartment 7A.

Julia Garner’s transformation for a new movie

Talking about her new look in the movie, Julia is looking like an affluent lady from the 50s. We see her memorable goldie locks traded for darker hair. They sit neatly above her neck. In this first-look image, we see her wearing a striped fleece jacket paired with a black turtle neck.

As for the accessories, she’s worn big pendant earrings with a thin long chain. We’re used to seeing Julia in a rather neutral makeup. But this time because of the affluence that her character brings, we see her flaunting bright red lipstick and elaborate eye makeup. She’s seen sitting in a vintage cafè with warm undertones. The whole thing has a mysterious vibe. The look is a total inspiration for a retro-chic style that is very much in right now in terms of fashion.

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More to know about Julia Garner starrer Apartment 7A

Produced by Paramount Players in a partnership with Sunday Night productions, run by actor and filmmaker John Krasinki and Allyson Seeger, Apartment 7A doesn’t stop here on the star-studding. Natalie Erika James, who previously directed Relic, getting a whopping 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is directing and co-writing it. Sunday Night Productions known for producing A Quiet Place has partnered up with Platinum Dunes, previously known to produce The Purge series and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, for this movie. Apartment 7A is a psychological thriller too, much like other films from the producers.

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Julia is a queen of accents. Whether it’s the southern accent in Ozark, the British accent in Maniac, or the German accent in Inventing Anna, Julia has mastered it all. It’s her ability to fade in with the character that has made her so popular with accents. Because this is a period drama set in London, an accent change is imminent. Keep checking Netflix Junkie for more updates on this upcoming movie.


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