‘Ozark’ Creator Teams Up With a Renowned Studio for an Ambitious Neo-Noir Movie ‘The Night Gardner’, Check Out the First Look Here

‘Ozark’ Creator Teams Up With a Renowned Studio for an Ambitious Neo-Noir Movie ‘The Night Gardner’, Check Out the First Look Here

In the last few years, there have been very few shows that can even come close to the intricacies and brilliance of Netflix’s Ozark. The series has even been compared to Breaking Bad. And a lot of the credit for it goes to the creator of the show, Bill Dubuque. And now that Ozark is finally coming to an end, it is probable that it will leave the fans craving for more. Hence, the news about a new project from the creator comes as a great surprise for everyone.

A recent report by Entertainment Weekly revealed that Ozark creator, Bill Dubuque, will team up with Travis Knight for the stop-motion film The Night Gardener. The news comes as a rather pleasant surprise for stop-motion animation fans because LAIKA will be a part of this project as well. Here is everything to know about this new project as well as a FIRST LOOK!

Ozark creator teams up with Laika to create a neo-noir stop-motion tale in The Night Gardner

Never did we ever think that the creator of a drama series like Ozark will team up with an animation studio. But what is life if not a bundle of unexpected surprises?

As Ozark is about to meet its eventual end on April 29, 2022, creator Bill Dubuque has set his eyes on the next project that he will work on. He will pen down an original for The Night Gardner. Coming from the studio behind CoralineParaNormanThe BoxtrollsKubo and the Two Strings, and Missing Link, the film is an ambitious project.

LAIKA calls the new film “a gritty neo-noir folktale centered on a young man in rural Missouri fighting to keep his family together in the wake of a tragedy.” To add to that, it also promises to “paint an unflinching portrait of sacrifice, self-reliance, and revenge.” LAIKA also released a first look at the film.

Travis Knight, LAIKA’s CEO and president, will direct the movie. Knight has previously donned the director’s hat for projects like Kubo and Paramount’s Bumblebee.The Night Gardener is a beautiful and timeless story that quickens the pulse as often as it breaks the heart,he said in a statement. He also called the Ozark creator a masterful writer and promised it will be a “helluva movie”.

The American screenwriter was also very expressive of his admiration for Knight and LAIKA. “I’m delighted that Travis Knight saw in The Night Gardener a story worthy of the time-intensive process and collective talent of LAIKA’s in-house artisans,” Dubuque said.

What are your thoughts about The Night Gardener?

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