Shawn Levy Says Eddie Munson’s Return Is Highly Unlikely

Shawn Levy Says Eddie Munson’s Return Is Highly Unlikely

Netflix has no shortage when it comes to providing the audience with top-class shows and movies. And in the long list of quality shows, one is Stranger Things. It became so popular that even the actors who were a part of the show gathered a massive fan following. Introduced late in the series, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) instantly became a favorite fan character but had a short run in the show.

Eddie Munson is one of the most popular characters in Stranger Things. Despite being a latecomer in the show, the audience loved Munson. Sadly, it seems like the chances of Munson’s return are slim. Here’s why.

Will Eddie Munson return in season 5?

Season 4 of Stranger Things put the audience through an emotional rollercoaster. But what struck the most was Eddie Munson’s death. Beloved Eddie sacrificed his life fighting the demo bats in the Upside down. The fans were devastated, and a series of tweets followed, mourning Eddie’s death and demanding his return.

Unfortunately, executive producer Shawn Levy revealed that Eddie’s return is improbable. In an interview at the Emmys, an interviewer asked Shawn Levy if Eddie would make a return in the season finale of the series. Levy said, “Highly unlikely. Highly unlikely. But, we hear you, world. We know. You’re obsessed with Eddie. So were we.”

From the insufferable freak to everyone’s hero, Eddie had one of the most interesting evolutions in the series. Levy also talked about Eddie’s immense popularity among the fans. “This is a made-up character that got introduced in the fourth year, and the world fell in love with him,” said the director.

Well, after hearing what Levy had to say, all fan theories are in vain. It seems like fans can’t expect the leader of the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High to make a comeback in the final season. And sadly, the epic guitar solo in season 4 might be the last memory we have of Munson.

When can fans expect season 5?

Previously, the official Twitter account posted a picture of their first day in the writer’s room. Chances are that season 5 may be released sooner than expected, but there is no confirmation for now. The filming has not yet begun, so maybe there is some time till the cameras start rolling.

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