Should Max Have Died Instead of Eddie in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4?

Should Max Have Died Instead of Eddie in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4?

Netflix’s favorite child Stranger Things wrapped up its fourth season with record viewership ratings. Ever since its premiere in 2016, the series has only delivered brilliance. Over the course of four seasons, while watching the characters get over their traumas, lose their loved ones, and conquer demons, we have all developed a connection with them. So it is obvious that when a character dies, it hits very close. And one such death was that of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4. Furthermore, fans already had so much love to give to Eddie when he was introduced in the fourth season.

The heroic way in which he died definitely does not help in wiping out the pain. So we do not blame the fans still enraged about the death of the courageous Eddie Munson. However, some Stranger Things fans on Reddit have a very extreme proposition to make regarding his demise. We have listed down all the reasons why fans think that Max should have died instead of Eddie in Stranger Things.

The impact of Eddie Munson’s death in Stranger Things Season 4

An eccentric character a metalhead with a deep love for Dungeons and Dragons, Eddie Munson was introduced to us in the fourth season and easily became a favourite. He went into hiding after Chrissy was killed by Vecna and he did not know what to do.

Throughout the entire season, he keeps beating himself up for that. Keeping the debate of who should have died in place of Eddie Munson aside for a second, fans are enraged by the way he died itself. There was no reason for Eddie to just get off the bike and start fighting the Demobats when he could have just escaped. Although his death was unfair, many fans knew that it was bound to happen.

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But that didn’t stop one fan from saying Max should have died instead of Eddie at the end of season 4.

Max: The survivor

The gazillion of Max enthusiasts was quick to shut down those who said that Max should have died instead. The girl has been fighting to survive ever since day one. Not to mention the fact that Max also overcame her grief and suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, the comparison between the two really does not add up. Max’s character keeps getting better with every season. Meanwhile, since the character’s introduction, we knew Eddie was meant to die sooner than later as a character that saves Dustin, one of the few characters in the show who had less exposure to devastating trauma. He also had nothing left in the real world save for a witch hunt and the tag of “murderer.” Ultimately, some fans were glad Max was not written off the show.

Do you agree with the rogue fan or the Max supporters? Comment down below if you think Max should have died instead of Eddie.

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