Shake From Love Is Blind Joins Cameo and He Has a Message for the Fans

Shake From Love Is Blind Joins Cameo and He Has a Message for the Fans

Abhishek Shake Chatterjee made quite an impression on the second season of Love is blind. From asking the most invasive questions to saying to call his partner aunty, the reality star has now joined Cameo. If you have been smitten by his superficial approach to love and life, he has a personalized message for you! 

The final four episodes of the most anticipated and most-watched show in the US have aired. The creators had teased the fans with clips of the couples on their wedding day. To be honest, the snippets got us all giddy! But it still doesn’t answer a lot of questions like does the space have no air conditioner? Because literally, everyone is sweating bullets! 

Who all are on Cameo?

Shake is not the only contestant on Cameo. Quite the contrary, he is the fourth Love is Blind contestant to join in after Rory, Jessica, and Matt. However, he is the only contestant from season 2 to join the platform. You can expect an intimate look into Shake’s life but for a price of $50! He has already started planning out his content output. He plans to bring his cat next. So if you are a cat lover and need some Shake in your life, you gotta splurge some money! 

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Will Shake and Deepti end up together in Love is Blind?

When Shake started with a question like, “Can I carry you?” viewers knew that it was going to be a rough start for the two. We eventually realized that the two weren’t compatible whatsoever. Deepti would later go on to confess that Shake never understood the whole point of the show. 

Shake doesn’t understand how Love is Blind is supposed to work here.” 

But the two would forge a connection with each other later. Is it their shared culture? Maybe so. Because time and again Shake has made it very clear that he feels no sexual attraction towards Deepti. “It feels like I’m with my aunt or something,” he said in one episode.

He has even conveyed this to his mother and friends. But despite that, teasers revealed them wearing their traditional outfits ready to tie the knot once and for all. However, the two didn’t go the distance, as Deepti called off the wedding, finally admitting that she couldn’t force the relationship. Well, it’s safe to say that she probably made a wise decision.

When all is said and done, Shake did have him charm, as is obvious when you stream the show on Netflix. Were you bewitched by this Indian-origin vet? Would you check out his Cameo? Let us know in the comments.

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