With Love Is Blind Coming to an End, Lauren Speed Shares Her Reason Behind Getting Married to Cameron Hamilton

With Love Is Blind Coming to an End, Lauren Speed Shares Her Reason Behind Getting Married to Cameron Hamilton

The dating reality show, Love is Blind, which got a lot of heat for having a bizarre premise, came to an end on February 25. Fans finally got to know whether their favorite couples made it to the altar or not. While Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thomson, and Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones uttered I Do’s at the altar, the other couple walked away without a partner. Differences between the couples drove them apart, which led to them calling off the weddings, much to the dismay of the fans. Star of the first season of Love is Blind, Lauren Speed shared her thoughts about the wedding day on Twitter. 

Love is Blind’s Lauren: I wanted to really make sure I got married because I could see forever with Cam

Lauren Speed expressed her confusion on the day of her wedding with Cameron Hamilton. The couple had quickly become a fan favorite. But Lauren didn’t want to say yes under any sort of pressure. Lauren says she wanted to get married to Cameron because she saw their future together and not just for the television.

This came right after Deepti Vempati refused to tie the knot with Abhishek Shake Chatterjee on Love is Blind season 2. Shake called her aunty and proclaimed their lack of physical intimacy to everyone who would hear him. “You don’t talk about somebody who is your fiancé, let alone a best friend – or even just a real friend – that way.

Deepti realized that it was pointless to force the relationship.  ‘Why am I trying to prove to this person to see me? I’m done trying, I’m over this. I just need to move forward and figure out what I want – instead of trying to figure out why he doesn’t want me, do I even want him?‘, she reasoned.

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Lauren and Cameron are still together and now plan to be a bigger family. 

We’re actively trying. So it’s a whole lot of practicing right now,” informed Lauren.

The two got married in 2018 after connecting with each other in Love is Blind season 1. The two have moved into a fancy new home. It has a mancave basement and glam room for Lauren’s beauty routine. 

Did you catch the season 2 finale of the experimental dating show? If not, stream now on Netflix.

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