Love Is Blind Season 2 Raises Questions on the Couples’ Compatibility

Love Is Blind Season 2 Raises Questions on the Couples’ Compatibility

Couples on the experimental dating show Love Is Blind seem headed for disaster. Whether they end up together or not is up in the air, but from the looks of it, season 2 may not have the most heart-stopping romance as the first season. The show is so consumed with the concept of marriage and true love they also use it like a “weapon.” As proposals start, some even get rejected by their first choice—Mallory rejecting Jarrette. Iyanna accepts Jarette’s proposal only for him to spend his days partying.

All the drama in the new season

Shake and Deepti both claim that they have never dated an Indian before. During the pod dates, Shake’s questions were invasive. After their engagement, Shake tells everyone who wants to hear that Deepti isn’t sexually attractive. Shayne and Natalie hit it off, but the former couldn’t stop flirting with Shaina. Kyle and Shaina didn’t last, because Shaina was still hooked on Shayne.

Nick and Danielle could have been the Lauren and Cameron of Love is Blind season 1 but they fight constantly. Natalie constantly belittles Shayne while Mallory warns Sal that she’s unhappy with him.

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The almost comical setup of Love is Blind makes the show interesting 

Netflix blessed us all when it aired the Love is Blind Season 1 in early 2020. Quarantined in our little bubbles, viewers absorbed all the love triangles and the passionate romances. Fast forward to 2021 and it is back with yet another season. Claiming to be a social experiment, the show wants the 30 singles to find love based on a real connection. The singles participate in pod dating for some time before forging a relationship with each other and getting engaged. Couples lay eyes on each other for the first time after their engagement. 

Love is Blind creators decided to include body diversity for the second outing of the show. And their creative idea has worked wonders with more people tuning in to the show! The drama gets notched up post the pod dates!

However, the new season and the show is getting some flak. According to Decider, the show feels more like a “psychological experiment” with the connection between the couples being “artificial”. Vanity Fair calls the show “Peak Red Flag TV” due to its premises “stretching into the realm of surrealism.

Regardless of the drama and red flags, the show remains popular with Netflix subscribers. So, have you streamed the dating show yet? What your thoughts on the new season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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