Love Is Blind: Netflix Unveils Secrets About the Show’s Format From Castings, Pods, to Weddings

Love Is Blind: Netflix Unveils Secrets About the Show’s Format From Castings, Pods, to Weddings

The pod dating reality shows Love Is Blind was an instant hit when it dropped its first season on Netflix in 2020. Now after a year, the tantalizing show returned with 30 new singles who are ready for a speed dating experience in the pods. The unique premise caught the attention of the viewers, and now they are more interested to know about the making of the show. To the joy of the fans, Netflix recently released the behind-the-scenes footage of Love is Blind season 2. 

Love Is Blind creators looked high and low for contestants

Finding the right contestants for the show was a difficult task for the Love Is Blind team. The casting had to be perfect, and the team picked singles who were ready to commit. 

After three rounds of interviews, the 30 singles were cast. 

Opaque walls and soundproof  pods  

The contestants agreed to be isolated from the world when they signed on for the show. Entirely soundproof, the pods are the only place where the contestants can mingle without obviously seeing each other’s faces. With no internet and phone, the singles have no choice but to socialize in real life. 

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Not all the contestants got equal screen timing. Fan favorites like Chassidy Mickale and Hope Antoniello Foley were seen less and less as the episodes went by. The number of singles was too overwhelming for the creators to follow. Surprisingly, two more couples got engaged but we were shown only 6!

Love is Blind couples had a luxurious getaway

After the engagements, the show takes the viewers to the luxurious resort TRS Corda Hotel in Mexico. All the engaged couples reside there for five days and take part in various activities. 

The creators wanted to test their bond while they lived together. So the scene is again changed from pod booths to apartments. The couples go back to their ordinary lives as the initial excitement dies down and the team follows their day-to-day lives. 

The weddings are paid for 

Couples who decide to take the final step and get hitched get to plan their own weddings. However, the show bears all the wedding expenses. 

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