Vikings: Valhalla ENDING – Betrayals, Deaths, and consequences EXPLAINED

Vikings: Valhalla ENDING – Betrayals, Deaths, and consequences EXPLAINED

The newest addition to the Vikings series, Vikings: Valhallas‘ first season, was everything the fans hoped for. The season was brutal, gory, and a whole lot interesting. However, fans are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened in the last episode with betrayal and deaths. Don’t worry. We will explain everything about Vikings: Valhalla ending

What all took place in the last episode of season one

Before we go on, if you haven’t seen the show, watch it and then come back to get all the answers you need. Spoiler definitely follow below.

Things really started heating up for both the Vikings and the English Royals in the last episode. In England Canute, the new king of England has sailed off to protect his far-reaching kingdom and left his new wife, Emma of Normandy, in charge, along with his father, Forkbeard. Meanwhile, the Earl of Godwin – who had murdered the former king, Edmund – lurked in the background of the English court, waiting to see whom he could suck up to next, Things get complicated for the Earl when Canute’s first wife arrives.

And on the Vikings’ side, things are a little complicated. As a wicked fanatic, Jarl Kre massacred communities en route to a planned invasion on Kattegat that Harald’s Christian half-brother Olaf believed would give him the crown of Norway and the victory over Canute he is so coveted. Harald, Leif, Freyds, and the citizens of Kattegat, headed by Jarl Haakon, stood in their way, preparing for the impending invasion — only for Harald to escape out of the citadel on his errand.

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Vikings Valhalla ending explained

In the last episode, the scenarios rise to the bloody battle. We see Harald has fled Olaf’s soldiers and is battling for Kattegat outside, but he is seriously damaged. He thinks Freyds has walked away from him when he sees her in the distance. But she comes with two horses and tells him they must go since the war has been lost.

Meanwhile, Lief is horrified to witness Olaf knife Liv in the middle of the struggle, and he rushes her to a barn where she dies in his arms.

As Kattegat losses the battle, Olaf proudly declares himself King of Norway in the big hall. His happiness, though, is fleeting. When Queen Ælfgifu returns to the English court from Mercia, she discovers Emma seated on her throne and realizes that Forkbeard and Godwin colluded to dethrone her. Now Forkbeard is going to Kattegat with his fleet to stop Olaf.

When Olaf learns that ships are approaching, his men – including his most devoted warrior – flee at breakneck speed. This leaves Olaf standing in the hall in his royal fur cloak. He realizes that he is in grave danger with Forkbeard (who regards him as a traitor) and King Canute.

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As Harald and Freyds ride away to who knows where and Forkbeard enters the city, a grief-stricken and enraged Leif gets up. Leif stops Liv’s bleeding with his shirt and prepares for revenge in season two.

What do you think will happen in season two? Let us know your theories in the comments section below.

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