Sadie Sink Inspires the Most Unsettling Halloween Decorations

Sadie Sink Inspires the Most Unsettling Halloween Decorations

Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the most successful and popular shows in the history of Netflix. The sci-fi show broke all records and set extremely high standards for the shows to come. Apart from the show as a whole, actors and actresses who were a part of the show became very popular too. Each episode from every season was etched into viewers’ minds. Season 4 was no exception, as the penultimate season had several iconic moments, which left fans in awe. And topping them all was the scene where Max (Sadie Sink) hovered over the grave of Dacre Montgomery’s Billy. So, it will be no surprise that Halloween 2022 will take heavy inspiration from Max.

Although Halloween is more than a month away, some Stranger Things fans have already started preparations for the spooky season. A keen fan of the show recreated Sadie Sink’s iconic scene, and the fans can’t get enough of it.

Fans perfectly recreate an iconic scene featuring Sadie Sink

Season 4 of Stranger Things was one of the most loved seasons of the sci-fi series. With the introduction of the main antagonist of the series, Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), every other moment of the show was memorable. And recently, a fan successfully pulled off one of the unforgettable scenes from the series. In an impressive yard display, a fan managed to re-do the scene where Sadie Sink’s Max hovered over her brother Billy’s graveyard. As a part of the Halloween decorations, TikToker horror props posted a video on his account. The Ghoulighans later shared the viral video on Twitter.

The video perfectly captures Sadie Sink floating in the air, similar to the scene from the series. The fans were stunned by the resemblance and recreation of their favorite scenes. Along with the dummy suspended in the air, the clip also captured other elements from the show, including Chrissy’s corpse trapped in Vecna’s mind lair.

Why is the scene so iconic?

As we know, Max (Sadie Sink) was visibly distant for the few episodes of the fourth season after the death of her brother Billy in season 3. One of the episodes from season four featured Max visiting her brother’s grave, where she has a very close call with Vecna. Moreover, Max finds herself trapped in Vecna’s mind lair. What is memorable is that as soon as Vecna plans to kill Max, her body starts to float in the air. She finally escapes Vecna’s mind lair and returns to the real world, thanks to Kate Bush.

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For now, we will have to wait to find out what lies ahead for Max in the final season of Stranger Things. Are you excited about the last season? Do let us know.

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