Ryan Reynolds Scores Six Figure Earning for Wrexham Team with This One Major Change

Ryan Reynolds Scores Six Figure Earning for Wrexham Team with This One Major Change

The Wrexham football team is not only rising but also thriving under the ownership of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The club that was once struggling in its own country, is slowly becoming a familiar name around the globe. While it was not an overnight journey, the introduction of these actors to the field has benefited them as well as the club.

Reynolds achieved this, not only by promoting the club through his social media but also by striving for inner changes within the league. This one major change is what led to earning a six-figure amount for the club.

How Ryan Reynolds pulled in six figures for Wrexham through exposure

The Deadpool actor has become his own brand by ensuring the success of the business he is invested in. But the actor had to make some moves for changing some of the league’s rules that seemed wild to him. As per DailyStar, the league did not allow clubs to stream the matches online whether domestically or internationally.

The club’s co-owner managed to get this rule changed and made their matches available to fans online. Subscriptions for the upcoming matches were sold for streaming on National League TV. Along with the ongoing PR, it generated an additional income of £225,000 through 1370 subscriptions.

The entrepreneur achieved this by sharing the league’s rule on Twitter. Not only did the fans agree but so did the league’s sponsors Vanarama. This pushed the league to make a historical turn in the rules which benefited everyone.

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But the team’s success was not nearly dependent on promoting it. Reynolds and McElhenney made changes in various aspects to bring the team where they are now.

How Wrexham has changed since its takeover in 2020

In November of 2020, the new owners purchased the Wrexham team for £2 million. They immediately started the Welcome to Wrexham series to showcase the raw journey of their everyday development. Team members were encouraged through direct attention and new hopes were raised for a quick revival of the team.

But perhaps what made the biggest difference was reaching out to the fans, and reviving their interest. Reynolds started indulging in social causes and events and directly reached out to boost morale. It’s safe to say that the club has been successfully brought to its old glory.

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