Wrexham AFC to Play Premier League Giants in Preseason Friendlies?

Wrexham AFC to Play Premier League Giants in Preseason Friendlies?

Ryan Reynolds is an individual who gives everything he has in anything he does. From delivering box office hits to promoting his football club, the Deadpool actor’s dedication is commendable. As we all know, Wrexham AFC has become the talk of the town ever since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the soccer club. The duo has left no stone unturned to take their club to the top level. And it seems like their efforts have not gone in vain, as Wrexham AFC will reportedly play against some of the biggest clubs in weeks to come.

Ever since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over Wrexham, the club’s popularity has skyrocketed. Wrexham is no longer just a club, it has become a brand. Currently, Wrexham AFC is still in the National League and still two leagues away from reaching the top level of English football. However, that does not mean that the club cannot compete with the best teams.

As per latest reports by the Telegraph, the oldest Welsh club will play a few preseason friendlies against top teams of the English Premier League. Some clubs Wrexham will go head to head, include Manchester United and Chelsea in the United States later this summer.

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Their first match against Graham Potter’s Chelsea side in Kenan Memorial Stadium, North Carolina, on July 19. Wrexham’s fixture against Manchester United will reportedly take place at San Diego’s Snapdragon stadium. While Wrexham has invited both the top clubs for their preseason friendlies, there is no confirmation as of late.

Meanwhile, apart from the Wrexham squad, both the owners too will be playing for their team for the first time. The latest reports suggest that both Reynolds and McElhenney will be a part of the Wrexham roster in an upcoming 7v7 tournament.

How is Wrexham AFC performing this season after all?

After nearly 15 years, it seems like Wrexham AFC is back on track as the club’s performance has massively improved comparatively. The club was nearly promoted from the National League as Wrexham finished second last season. Furthermore, this year saw Wrexham perform decently as the club reached the fourth round before losing to Sheffield.

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While Wrexham’s friendlies against top clubs is a huge affair, the focus of the team should be to get promoted to the second division.

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