Ryan Reynolds Offers “Real Estate Help” as Fan Presents a Surprising Idea Watching ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ on Valentine’s Day

Ryan Reynolds Offers “Real Estate Help” as Fan Presents a Surprising Idea Watching ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, couples exchange the most romantic gifts with each other. Buying flowers, taking them on a candlelight dinner, or a mini vacation would also be a nice surprise. However, can you imagine your better half asking you to move to a place just because they got an idea by watching it on television? Surprising, right? A fan posted the craziest idea on his Twitter and Ryan Reynolds, as usual, gave the best answer to him.

The Deadpool actor and Rob McElhenney are the owners of a Welsh professional football club. After acquiring the team, the partners documented the journey of Wrexham AFC. Welcome to Wrexham is a documentary about the journey of Reynolds and McElhenney along with the Welsh community. After watching the documentary, a Twitter user named todd (not a weird one) posted about wanting to talk to his wife about moving to a Welsh town. And this is how the Canadian actor helped him in return.

The user said while watching Welcome to Wrexham he got the idea of moving to a town in Wales. While he also mentioned he was doing the math for moving there, Reynolds barged in with help. He retweeted a message to the party that was willing to move. He wrote, “Let us know if you need any real estate help.” The Red Notice actor gave the classic hilarious answer. While people appreciated his sense of humor, this is not the only time when he interacted using his sense of humor on Twitter.

Classic Ryan Reynolds and his sense of humor

The actor is famous for his hilarious yet brilliant character, Deadpool. While his fans are waiting for Deadpool 3 to land soon, the actor keeps in touch with his fans via social media handles. There was an instance when a fan pointed out the horrendous Disney Plus’ plot summary for the Deadpool movie and the actor interacted with that fan in his signature style.

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One more instance was when Reynolds gave out the spoiler for his upcoming Deadpool film. He interacted with a fan account of Miss Minutes and hinted at a possible collaboration in Deadpool 3. While there are countless incidents when the 46-year-old actor interacted with his fans and entertained them.

What is the funniest Reynolds moment according to you?

Welcome to Wrexham is streaming on Hulu?

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