Ryan Reynolds Carries His Box Office Magic to Disney With His ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Documentary

Ryan Reynolds Carries His Box Office Magic to Disney With His ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Documentary

Ryan Reynolds, following his mini break from acting, has done everything from investing to creating stellar documentaries. And in the case of Wrexham FC, the Hollywood actor has done both. Given how well the documentary was perceived, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard the tale of Reynolds taking over the Wrexham Football Club along with Rob McElhenney in February 2021 to restore it to its previous grandeur and money and hopefully more.

Reynolds in the past year has expanded beyond his bubble of popularity. McElhenney once joked about how Ryan Reynolds is the “movie star moneyneeded to brighten the days of Wrexham FC. However, for Reynolds, it has been a personal journey that has reaped commercial benefits for him, the club, and also for all the businesses surrounding the Wrexham club. The original broadcaster of the sports documentary reveals just how much the Welcome to Wrexham documentary has done right.

Ryan Reynolds’ Welcome to Wrexham FC brings glory to Disney

The sports documentary surrounding the football club has hit the ball out of the field with its impactful storytelling. Reynolds and McElhenney may be the star names, but the eighteen-episode show makes sure that it is the Wrexham football club and the community that has stood with it, that bathes in the spotlight. Call it Reynolds’ outreach or the curiosity about how a club that has been deemed a deadbeat for a while now will bring the ball to its court, the Welcome to Wrexham documentary on Disney+ became a massive success.

A whopping $430,000 per episode success to be precise. “Telly insiders claim makers Disney have netted $430,00 profit per episode since it launched on the streaming channel last year,” Mirror reports.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ryan Reynolds should not be worried about finding a “sugar mommy or sugar daddy” anymore. With its impact, Welcome to Wrexham FC has shown how to do a sports documentary right.

Given that it is a sports documentary, from a storytelling point of view, you know you aren’t stepping into an Alfred Hitchcock world that throws you a curveball every step of the way. But that in no way takes away from the enjoyable viewing experience of the eighteen-episode-long sports documentary. It is only onwards and upwards for the club with a season 2 release date somewhere in the summer of 2023.

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Are you excited about what more Ryan Reynolds has to offer in season 2 of Welcome to Wrexham? Let us know in the comments below.

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