Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Identity of a Mysterious Hollywood Icon Otto Desćinski in a New Oscars Ad

Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Identity of a Mysterious Hollywood Icon Otto Desćinski in a New Oscars Ad

All the moviegoers might have already watched the 95th Academy Awards. Fans are currently drooling over their favorite stars on social media while talking about everything from the outfits to winners of the night to the faces they missed. Well, many might be heartbroken that the humor box of Hollywood didn’t get the chance to attend this dazzling ceremony. But we would like to stop you just there because that’s the thing you missed. Though Ryan Reynolds wasn’t present there, he did help the Oscars to reveal the identity of a mysterious superstar that nobody had seen before.

Fans would have come across a series of advertisements where actors like Ron Perlman and Elizabeth Banks praised a filmmaker named Otto Desćinski. The ad gave a glimpse of a hidden face on the cover of magazines and shooting in different landscapes.

Moreover, when the narrator announced that this icon will finally reveal himself to the world, a woman appeared on stage. “I use Auto Desk software to make movies look amazing. There is no guy named Otto Desć,” the lady revealed.

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And this is when we get to know it was just one of the tricks the creative agency of Ryan Reynolds Maximum Effort used to baffle the audience. In the forever fashion, this advertising campaign left everyone shocked, giving them a mystery to solve. Meanwhile, they promoted the software company Autodesk, which creates visual effects for movies.

Ryan Reynolds talks about his tricky advertisement 

It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds has transformed the world of advertising with his impeccable business ideas. Just like that, his company used another one for the biggest night of the year at the Dolby Theatre. Talking about the Oscars ad in a press release, the Canadian superstar stated that his agency loves playing with cultural landscapes.

And they didn’t find anything better to honor Autodesk, which has been a powerful weapon for filmmakers in the past decades. “What better way to highlight that than to create a fake man of vaguely Germanic descent to receive an award that doesn’t exist?” explained the 46-year-old.

He thanked the actors and directors who helped them develop this amazing ad to make it look more convincing.

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