“He’s not my…” – When Sandra Bullock Revealed the Truth About Her Relationship With ‘The Proposal’ Co-star Ryan Reynolds

“He’s not my…” – When Sandra Bullock Revealed the Truth About Her Relationship With ‘The Proposal’ Co-star Ryan Reynolds

Working together in rom-com movies, the actors usually get surrounded by rumors of dating. While sometimes it turns out to be true, other times it is just their on-screen chemistry and nothing else. The Proposal (2009) has been such an amazingly fresh and beautiful love story of two very different people. Because of their on-screen chemistry, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds also fell under the hill of rumors. Did the on-screen couple really date in real life?

When the film hit the theaters in 2009, Sandra Bullock and the Deadpool actor became a fan favorite instantly. Although they remained an underrated duo; the film catered to a fresh and unique take on love stories. Therefore, the sizzling chemistry of the duo on screen confused people about their relationship. But The Lost City actress cleared the doubts of the people. As per the Daily Mail, while speaking at the pre-show interview before the Golden Globe Awards in 2011, Bullock revealed that she only shares a wonderful friendship with the Free Guy Star.

The actress admitted, “he’s not my lover,” representing the collective sighs of the American women. The truth is Bullock and Reynolds are just close friends, as the American actress revealed, while wishing there would be more friendships like theirs.

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Did you know the lead role of Margaret Tate in The Proposal was going to Julia Roberts? However, it landed in the lap of Sandra Bullock, which came as a blessing for her. Because fans of the film and the actors loved them together in the rom-com a lot.

What is The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds about?

Margaret was an editor at a reputed company in the USA, and Andrew was her assistant. Margaret asked Andrew to marry her to save her from getting deported. While using the opportunity, Andrew also tried to get the best out of the situation. They both agreed and visited Sitka to meet Andrew’s parents.

Despite Margaret seeming extremely tough externally, staying at Andrew’s home brought out her softer side. If you haven’t watched the film, we don’t want to spoil the suspense for you. Do they get married? Does their lie get caught? Stream the film to know what happens at the end.

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